Designing: Display




  • Display is a vivid gene that allows the flesh, horns, and claws of a ketucari to be any color, regardless of if the color is present elsewhere on the ketucari.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, Display is denoted by “nDs” (heterozygous) or “DsDs” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, Display has a passrate of 65%. Homozygous colorize has a passrate of 90%


Color and Range

Display can show as any color on the claws, flesh, and horns of the ketucari. These do not all need to be the same color, though they may be if you wish. These colors may be as dull or as vibrant as you wish, and may display up to three colors on any given part.

This means the claws can be three colors, the horns can be three other colors, and the skin can be three colors.

It may affect as many or as few points as the player wishes, with any texture or pattern the player chooses.*

*However it should not be used to Mimic existing gene interactions on horns. It can however be used to change the colors of those interactions if the player chooses.

Above, Display affecting the horns, claws, and flesh, and changing the colors of the striping on the horns.

Below, maximum color display on Flesh and Claws

Display may also, optionally, not appear visibly on your ketucari at all.

Interactions with Other Markings

Display is affected by Axanthic and Albino, and should not be visible on ketucari with those genes.

Display should remain creamy and desaturated on Leucistic ketucari.