Designing: Intensify






  • Intensify is a soft, patchy darkening of the base coat, “intensifying” the color under it.
  • Be careful that Intensify does not have the same “cloudy edges” effect that Charring does.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, intensify is represented by “nIt” (heterozygous) or “ItIt” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, bleaching has a passrate of 50%. Homozygous monarch has a passrate of 75%


Color and Shape

Intensify is a wash of a darker and more vivid version of a ketucari’s base coat. It cannot be black. 


This is an example of correct Intensify-- note that the hue remains close, but the affected areas are both darker and more saturated.

This is an example of incorrect intensify-- note that while the affected area is darker, it is less saturated than the base coat. 



Since intensify can appear anywhere on the body, there is no minimum range diagram for it. It may not cover more than 50% of the body or less than 10%.


Interaction with Other Markings

  • All markings may be layered under or over intensify.
  • Intensify may be slightly transparent when layered with other markings, slightly altering their color to make them more vivid.
  • Intensify may be affected by Pale, in which case it both saturates and lightens the base coat.

Intensify with Pale


  • When present with the Vivid gene, Intensify may cause a slight hue shift in the affected area.
  • When present with Bleaching, the markings may combine to create a slight hue shift even on non-Vivid or Blended base coats.
  • When present on a Charcoal or Pewter ketucari, you want to just up the saturation of the base coat without changing the value. Be careful that it doesn’t appear exclusively within hued points range.


Similar Markings

(Note that while this image is referring to Bleaching and Fading, it can be also used as a guide to distinguish Intensify from Charring, as they share the same shape as the above markings.)

Examples by Matriarchs-Haunt
Source 1Source 2Source 3 


Intensify may have a subtle gradient and fade into the base coat, like the example below.