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Nyserr 2595Nyserr Alt colors by Matriarchs-Haunt


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  • Chromata is a highly unusual gene in that it allows a ketucari to change colors like a chameleon. Your ketucari will effectively have two designs. One pulled from the listed base coat, the other pulled from any base coat of the same type *or of lower value.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, chromata is denoted by “nCrm” (heterozygous) or “CrmCrm” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, chromata has a passrate of 7%. Homozygous chromata has a passrate of 29%
  • Chromata cannot be inherited along with another color mutation. When breeding two color mutated ketucari, cubs can only inherit one of the mutations.


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Your ketucari will have two designs. These designs must be identical in every way except for color(s). Markings cannot change shape between them.


However, each base-coat may only shift to certain other basecoats during this palette swap.


Color groupings and tiers

You may choose any basecoat within the grouping for the second design. This includes a different swatch (or even same swatch) of the same base coat.
When changing basecoat within the same swatch the base coat MUST change at least subtly.
Any given base coat may only shift to another accepted Tier or to another color within itself. In effect, a ketucari cannot switch to a basecoat if it does not have the genes for it (i.e. a dilute cannot become a tint or a vivid.)
ANY base coat may shift to Core.


Charcoal, Brown, Bronze, Buff

Tints - Tier 1A

Olive, Stone, Rosewood, Lilac

Dilutes - Tier 1B

Pewter, Taupe, Cameo, White

Vivids - Tier 1C
Orange, Red, Yellow

Tinted Dilutes - Tier 2AB - May pull from 1A or 1B

Mist, Opal, Lavender, Ash

Tinted Vivids - Tier 2AC - May pull from 1A or 1C

Green, Blue, Mulberry, Violet

Blendeds - Tier 2BC - may pull from Tier 1B or 1C

Champagne, Blush, Luminary

Tinted Blendeds - Tier 3 - may pull from Any

Jade, Glacier, Orchid, Amethyst


Examples of how to use the above list:
1: Amethyst can shift to Jade, Champagne, Mulberry, Opal, Orange, White, Lilac, and Bronze

2: Champagne cannot shift to Amethyst, Mulberry, Opal, or Lilac, but can shift to Blush, Orange, White, and Bronze.

3: Mulberry cannot shift to Ameythyst, Champagne, Opal, or White, but can shift to Blue, Orange, Lilac, or Bronze

4: Opal cannot shift to Amethyst, Champagne, Mulberry, or Orange, but can shift to Lavender, White, Lilac or Bronze

5: Orange cannot shift to Amethyst, Champagne, Opal, Mulberry, White, or Lilac, but can shift to Yellow or Bronze
6: White cannot shift to Amethyst, Champagne, Opal, Mulberry, Orange, or Lilac, but can shift to Taupe or Bronze

7: Lilac can shift to Olive, Stone, Rosewood, Charcoal, Brown, Bronze, or Buff



Examples (Extended)

This is Nyserr. His basecoat is Ash

Nyserr 2595


He’s going to show us a few examples of what not to do:


Orange Nyserr is illegal because Nyserr doesn’t have a Vivid gene.

ChromataStarterIllegalOrange by Matriarchs-Haunt


Amethyst Nyserr is a Tier 3 base coat, so Nyserr can’t become purble.

ChromataStarterIllegalAmethyst by Matriarchs-Haunt


Blue Nyserr is the most legal but again, Nyserr can’t turn vivid!

ChromataStarterIllegalBlue by Matriarchs-Haunt



Now let’s see what he can do!

Here’s Nyserr changing to a different Ash and changing the colors of his markings.

ChromataStarterLegalAsh by Matriarchs-Haunt


And here’s him turning olive! Legal because Ash is a tinted coat!
You’ll also notice his markings have changed color!

ChromataStarterLegalOlive by Matriarchs-Haunt


And here’s him turning bronze! And again, his markings changing color is perfectly fine!

ChromataStarterLegalBronze by Matriarchs-Haunt


We hope that clears up any confusion regarding how Chromata can work!




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Chromata affects the whole body, however not every color on a ket has to change.
(For example, in the starter, Nyserr, Display retains its colors, as well as the third color in his Eye-Rings)



Interaction With Other Markings

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Non-modified base coats cannot shift to modified basecoats, and vice versa.
Base coat modifiers: Flaxen, Smokey, Plum, Ocean, Emerald, Rose, Carnelian.

If your ketucari has one of the above base coats, it may shift to a base coat from another modifier when given its alternate palette. I.e. Roes Ash -> Ocean Olive

Chromata cannot exist on the same geno as: Lintosi, Albino, Lutino, Ethryrism, Leucism, Axanthic, or Chimera. Nor can it take on those colors.
Chromata and Partial do not interact.