Designing: Leucism


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•  Unlike albinism which causes a complete absence of pigment, leucistic ketucari have only a partial loss of pigment.
In your ketucari's genotype, leucism is denoted by the letters "nLm" (heterozygous) or "LmLm" (homozygous).
• In its heterozygous form, leucism has a pass rate of 10%. Homozygous leucism has a 35% pass rate.


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Skin and eye color are unaffected by leucism. While this mutation does not directly effect the skin and horn color of ketucari, you may still use the "any color found on the coat" rule when choosing a color for their skin and horns.

Even markings that appear in vibrant colors, such as hued points, will be altered by this mutation.

The base color can be white or off-white, and may even have a yellow/tan tinge. Markings will still be visible, but will be much lighter than in a non-leucistic ketucari.

Leucistic bases can be picked from one of the following swatches, though it is not necessary:

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Interaction with Other Markings

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• White marks are the only markings that show normally colored in leucistic ketucari.
• Leucism cannot be inherited along with another color mutation. When breeding two color mutated ketucari, cubs can only inherit one of the mutations.
• When markings that can be brightly colored (such as hued points, frill, and blood burst) appear on a leucistic ketucari, they will take on a light, creamy tone like below:

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