Designing: Lutino




• Lutino is a color mutation based on the lutino mutation in certain species of domestic bird.
• Lutino in ketucari causes all markings to appear in yellow to red-orange hues.
• In your ketucari's genotype, lutino is denoted by the letters "nLt" (heterozygous) or "LtLt" (homozygous).
• In its heterozygous form, lutino has a pass rate of 10%. Homozygous lutino has a 35% pass rate.


Lutino bases can be picked from one of the following swatches, though it is not necessary:

Colors by Matriarchs-Haunt

In addition, all markings must be in the yellow to orange range. Light markings should be yellow, while dark markings should be saturated red-orange! 
Lutino affects all markings, including the ones that can appear in vibrant colors (such as hued points). They will also appear as yellow to red-orange.
This is a sample slider for lutino markings. Markings do not have to be taken from this slider, but should remain in the same general hue range and saturation.

Color by Matriarchs-Haunt

Interaction With Other Markings

• White marks are the only markings that show normally colored in lutino ketucari.
• Lutino cannot be inherited along with another color mutation. When breeding two color mutated ketucari,
cubs can only inherit one of the mutations.