Designing: Maltese





Maltese in ketucari causes all markings to appear in blue to blue-gray/silver hues.

In your ketucari's genotype, Maltese is denoted by the letters "nMal" (heterozygous) or "MalMal” (homozygous).

In its heterozygous form, Maltese has a pass rate of 10%. Homozygous Maltese has a 35% pass rate.


Maltese bases and markings can be picked from one of the following swatches, though it is not necessary:

In addition, all markings must be in the blue to blue-gray/silver range. 

Maltese affects all markings, including the ones that can appear in vibrant colors (such as hued points). They will also appear in blue ranges

This is an acceptable range for Maltese markings. Markings do not have to be taken directly from this image, but should remain in the same general color range provided.

Eye color does not have to be taken from the blue-gray range 


White marks are the only markings that show normally colored in maltese ketucari.
Maltese cannot be inherited along with another color mutation. When breeding two color mutated ketucari, cubs can only inherit one of the mutations.

Maltese is affected by unnatural segment as seen in Temotepis