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15 March 2022, 02:57:44 UTC (3 months ago)
18 March 2022, 03:00:01 UTC (3 months ago) by Anarchisme


Proof of participation:
Import Link:
Role: Support
Rank: Unranked
Titles Earned:
Buns of Steel - Support who helped reach tier 3 of the supports - 10 LP (I think we said all supports can get this?)
Ally of Antikutan - Participated in the Raid of Antikutan as a support- 5 LP

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Anarchisme Staff Member

Can I have a link to the lorekeeper import please, to apply the titles?

2022-03-18 00:23:03

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Reward Amount
Vestige of Guro 1
Pouch of Raw Materials 1
Legacy Points 20
Gold 82



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Noirmori's Bank

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