Design Guides

Design Guides: Ground Rules

Below, you will find all the guides you will need to design your ketucari. However, there are a few basic ground rules you should be aware of that will apply to every design.

 Do not try to abuse marking ranges to create a pseudo-version of colors/markings your ketucari does not have.

 The base coat should always be immediately recognizable, as should markings. The only exception is if the ketucari has piebald or melanistic pastel covering their markings.

Admins reserve the right to clarify the design guides at any time, especially if there is a pending design that makes us aware of loopholes or badly worded guidelines.

As a result of guide updates, ketucari with ID numbers below 1540 may not apply as accurate examples for gene expression.

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Feather Types and PSDs

 Feather Variations

 Bald Feather Base
 Fantail Feather Base v3
 Frizzle Feather Base v3
 Harpy Feather Base
 Phoenix Feather Base v3
 Silkie Feather Base v3
 Smooth Feather Base v3

Base Colors, Color Modifiers, and Mutations

Base Colors
Carnelian Bases (nCr/CrCr)
Chimera Bases (nCma/CmaCma)
Emerald Bases (nEm/EmEm)
Flaxen Bases (nFx/FxFx)
Lintosi Bases (nLs/LsLs)
Ocean Bases (nOc/OcOc)
Plum Bases (nPm/PmPm)
Rose Bases (nRs/RsRs)
Smokey Bases (nSk/SkSk)

Albinism (nA/AA)
Axanthism (nAx/AxAx)
Chromata (nCrm/CrmCrm)
Erythrism (nEr/ErEr)
Inversion (nIv/IvIv)
Leucism (nLm/LmLm)
Lutino (nLt/LtLt)


White Markings

Calacatta (nCl/ClCl)