Terms of Service

Created: 4 May 2020, 12:17:55 UTC
Last updated: 21 January 2022, 21:38:55 UTC

Content Advisory

Before you proceed any further, we would like for you to be aware of some potentially disturbing things that have been incorporated into the group. We are geared toward older teens and adults and expect a certain level of maturity from our members when handling this content. Things you may find disturbing include but not be limited to:

Bullet; Black Killing of cubs by adult ketucari
Bullet; Black Hunting and killing of prey items
Bullet; Black Hunting and killing of sapient creatures/deities
Bullet; Black Sensitive themes such as slavery and abuse

Realistically, this is a dog-eat-dog world, and ketucari oftentimes do not lead idyllic, peaceful lives. As we'd like to keep it as true to the species as possible, we do not censor our members and we will not hold your hand. If you can't handle sensitive themes, please do not join. 



This is the terms of usage of your site. Users will see a link to these terms when registering and a Terms link is displayed at the bottom of the layout.


Bullet; Black  Ketucari are a closed species. You must obtain an genotype or existing ketucari from a member or from the group itself in order to participate. 
Bullet; Black Ketucari have their own canon world set up, including lore and creatures they regularly interact with. As far as group activities go, you are required to depict your ketucari in their canon settings. HOWEVER, outside of group activities you may insert them into your own worlds and storylines and treat them as regular characters. 
Bullet; Black Deceasing your ketucari can be done by noting the admin account Matriarchs-Haunt. Deceased ketucari cannot be brought back.

General Conduct

Bullet; Black Be polite to other players. Do not send threatening messages, and do not bully your fellow group members whether they are the newest players or admins. The group does not accept call-out journals. If you have an issue with another player, please keep it private and contact the group via notes if you require our assistance with resolving the situation.
Bullet; Black You are obligated, by participating in this group, to abide by deviantart's Terms of Service.
Bullet; Black Admins have the final word. If you feel a wrong decision has been made, you may politely argue your case in private. Members who consistently belittle, harass, attack, or fight against admins will be booted from the group. We welcome constructive criticism, but we will not tolerate abusive "opinions" or snarky comments (either on group pages or in our chatrooms) that are meant simply to provoke. Never forget that admins are people, too!
Bullet; Black  Features found in this group (crafting, boss battles, etc.) have been adapted into ARPG format from various pet sites and videogames are not copyrighted to the group. However, our graphics and writing ARE. If you'd like to include similar features in your own group(s), you are more than welcome to! Our only request is that you use your own words and try to make the systems your own rather than directly copying our guides.

Buying & Selling

Bullet; Black First, be sure to properly document all deals you make. If something were to happen, we can't help you if you don't have evidence.
Bullet; Black Sellers are required to make sure that buyers are aware of used breeding slots prior to the purchase.
Bullet; Black Breeding slots may not be sold/otherwise promised until the ketucari has passed their breeding quest.


Does this group have an art point system?

No! While we do have a progression system (see Elder Rank) we do not take partake in an art points system. Our goal to create emphasis on art quality and improvement rather than pumping out large quantities of quickly done art for the sake of racking up points. We even have rewards for trying to improve your art (see Quality Rolls under Adventuring)!

Are ketucari a rideable species?

If you've read the  Species Information, you will find that they are not, in fact, a rideable species! Ketucari are intelligent creatures and can speak just like you and me. While they live with and work with the "humans" of their world, they usually do not permit themselves to be ridden or treated like pets. 

Can I use my ketucari as a handler for other groups?

Certainly! You are free to take them out of their homeworld as you see fit. You can also include other original species in group art. Just be sure that, when doing activities such as adventuring, you depict them in their native zones interacting with creatures native to their homeworld.

Are there any handler requirements?

Nope! Since ketucari don't need handlers, they are not required in group art.

How big are the gods in relation to ketucari?

The gods of Velukaelo are massive, and can be upward of twenty feet at the shoulder. However, many of them can also change size at will- so you can depict them as big as you wish!

What about the native fauna?

Again, you are allowed to take liberties with how big or small you depict the fauna. We will not limit your creativity in this way. If the creature strikes you as a large animal, draw it large! You're also free to give fauna different colors than what's depicted in the official group art.

I need to find some drawing references! What animal would work best?

Ketucari anatomy is loosely based off of cheetahs, so they would probably be your best bet! Horses can work as well.