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Created: 14 September 2023, 18:24:18 UTC
Last updated: 4 June 2024, 20:36:28 UTC

Pack Hub

    Packs are player-made and run groups of ketucari within the game. As part of a pack, you will be able to take part in raids against medium and harsh zone domain guardians as well as numerous other bonuses. Packs are sort of a mini-game that gives groups of players a way to work together to achieve goals and have their ketucari conquer Velukaelo. Additionally, they give players a closer-knit group of people with which to roleplay and develop their ketucaris' stories! Joining a pack is also a good way for new members to gain access to seasoned members to ask questions and get acquainted with the game. 
There's a lot of information to cover, but the links below break it down for you. Click below to learn about what you can do with packs!

Joining, Leaving, or Switching Packs

How to join, leave, and switch packs is covered in the above link!

Forming A Pack

How to form packs is covered in the above link!


Rankings and Allying Deities

Time to put that honor and notoriety from quests to use! Find out how to move up the tiers and ally your packs to powerful gods here!

Current Pack Season: Pack Games!

Games seasons: February, April, June, August, October, December
Territory seasons: January, March, May, July, September, November


Seasonal Territory wars

Find out how to claim official, group-recognized territory for your pack here!

Seasonal Games

Packs have monthly mini-events in the form of games and battles. Read about them here!

Existing Packs

You can find a directory of all existing packs here!
For more specific links, click below

Player Owned Packs

Group Owned Packs

Pack Hoard

The Pack Hoard is now handled on site!

Pack hoards are a collection of items and gold donated by pack members to help the pack grow. These items may only be used by the leaders of the pack or trusted members that can be set as treasurers. Leaders will not be able to use items in the hoard for personal gain, and once items are in the hoard they must be used for the benefit of the pack. (IE events, member slots, helping pack members who need certain items, etc.) Abuse of this feature (such as leaders abusing the resources without asking other members/letting them know) will result in the pack being removed.

Additional Information

If you need help editing your pack's information, such as adding a thumbnail image or adding a treasurer or other rank, please let an admin know!