Minimum Art Requirements

Created: 31 May 2020, 23:28:45 UTC
Last updated: 7 October 2023, 00:47:50 UTC

General Rules

Bullet; White Tracing is welcome so long as you credit the stock provider and the stock provider has licensed their work for that use. Otherwise, tracing is strictly prohibited.
Bullet; White  Submitting art copyrighted by others is not permitted.

Bullet; White  Submissions for adventures and battles are limited to one piece per day (24 hours since your last post). Hallowed Tarn pieces are limited to one piece per week. Other submissions, such as skills and quests, do not have a time-based limit.

Minimum Requirements (Literature)

Bullet; White Literature for group activities must be mostly relevant to the prompt. Please do not submit entries that are mostly irrelevant with only a few sentences dedicated to the actual task.

Bullet; White Minimum word count depends on the amount of ketucari in the piece:
1 Ketucari: 500 word minimum
2 Ketucari: 600 word minimum
3 Ketucari: 700 word minimum
4 Ketucari: 800 word minimum
Bullet; White Literature may not be script format.

Bullet; White Roleplays are permissible.

Bullet; White Activities may only have 4 ketucari included per piece. 

Minimum Requirements (Art)

Bullet; White  Images must show at least 50% of the ketucari in order to count. See the percentage guide HERE.

Bullet; White Images must be original. Recolors can not be resubmitted as a new piece for rolls. 

Bullet; White Images should at least be flat colored and do not require shading. Grayscale is permissible as long as the ketucari are recognizable.

Bullet; White Backgrounds should at least include basic shapes and colors and do not need to be fully rendered. Here are some examples of simple backgrounds:

Bullet; White Window backgrounds (backgrounds in which the ketucari is not completely in the border) are permissible. 

Bullet; White Activities may only have 4 ketucari included per piece. KvK battles are limited to 2 ketucari per piece.

Bullet; White Images must be at least 500x500px and the ketucari must be discernible from the background and have clear facial features.
Bullet; White Images that do not meet the minimum background requirements may be accompanied by 300+ words to allow the piece to be rollable.