Created: 31 May 2020, 23:30:38 UTC
Last updated: 15 November 2023, 07:00:34 UTC


Quests are a way to earn rewards and work toward your ketucari's elder rank. Quests can be found on zone pages on the group's front page. Some quests may be more difficult than others but provide greater rewards. Quests can only be completed once per ketucari. 

Quest Completion

    To complete a quest, you must first visit a zone page to select which one you'd like to do. Be aware of the zone's difficulty level, because if your ketucari doesn't meet the armor requirement, they may not complete the quest. Requirements for completing that individual quest will be listed on the quest's write-up. When you are done with the quest piece, submit it to the "Quests" folder (if not an offsite image) and follow these steps to submit it via the official Ketucari site:
  1. Type and/or select the name of the quest you wish to submit in the "Prompt" field.
  2. Paste the link to your image in the "Submission URL" field. There is no need to include the old quest form in your submission. If your quest has a Honor/Notoriety option, list which route you've taken. List whether or not your Ketucari is learning a skill from this quest - learning a skill is optional.
  3. Link the ketucari/companion race character you are submitting the quest for in the "Comments" field. Please link both the import and the deviantArt import (Example: | )
  4. PLEASE NOTE: You must create a separate submission for each character in the image.
  5. You may ignore the "Rewards" and "Characters" sections.
  6. Hit submit! Rewards are automatically placed in your inventory by the site itself once an admin approves your submission. The quest will also be logged on your ketucari's dA import like normal.

Quest Paths

Some quests will allow you to choose between several different outcomes depending on your ketucari's personality. If you are part of a pack and complete the quest, the chosen outcome will boost either the pack's notoriety or honor. A single quest piece may show all ketucari on the same path, or optionally show one ketucari taking the Honor path and another ketucari taking the Notoriety path.

Art/Literature Requirements

Submissions should meet our minimum submission requirements, found HERE.

Submission Corrections

If an admin requests a correction with your submission, please submit the fixed piece over the old one. This can be done by hitting "edit" on the deviation page, uploading the fixed version, and hitting  save. Alternatively, you may place the corrected piece in the artist's description of the old piece. You will then to resubmit it with the above steps.

Attunement ("Magic") Quest Requirements and Allowances

In order for a ketucari to complete an Attunement quest (the ones that require a ketucari to have certain magic), three requirements must be met:
  1. All participating ketucari must have the minimum required total armor (1200+)
  2. At least one participating ketucari must have completed a "Magic" skill and had their Attunement marked on their import
  3. At least one participating ketucari must have a marked Attunement that matches that of the quest.
For example, if we have Kamala (Dasrah), Kaur (also Dasrah), and Adedeyo (Talik), together the three of them could complete the Talik Quest "Circuit Breaker" as long as Adedeyo was one of the ketucari completing the prompt. They could also complete the Dasrah Quest "The Paths We Tread" as long as Kaur or Kamala was completing the prompt. However, since none of them are Greheli, they would not be able to complete the Greheli Quest "Desperate Measures" as none of them are Greheli.
We call this "Attunement Chaperoning". The Chaperone must be one of the ketucari completing the prompt, they cannot only be present in the image, and the following steps must be taken: In the submission comments (and optionally in the dA comments), the Chaperone must be listed and marked as the Chaperone The ketucari who are receiving the Chaperone's guidance must also be listed.
The chaperone does NOT need to be owned by the player submitting the prompt, however please try to coordinate so that all instances of that particular piece being submitted happen at around the same time.