Created: 4 May 2020, 12:17:55 UTC
Last updated: 3 October 2023, 02:02:39 UTC

Welcome to the official Ketucari ARPG website!

Before you can use the site's features, you will need to sign up and link your account to your deviantART account.

Sign-up Steps

1.  Click the register button at the top right and complete the necessary information. We would prefer that you use your deviantART username as your site username so that we can easily find you!

2. After you've signed up, check your email (especially your spam folder!). In the email sent to you by the site, click the link to verify your email address

3. Once you've verified your email address, go to your username at the top right, navigate to "Settings" and click "Link deviantART"

4. Follow the steps to link your deviantART account

To have your hoard transferred to the site...

1. After signing up and linking your dA account, go to "Activity" on the top left.

2.  Click "Prompt Submissions"

3.  Click "New Submission"

4. In the prompt field, type and/or select "Site Welcome Pack"

5. In the URL field, type anything you wish. Even a single period will do! This field just needs to have something in it for it to allow you to submit it.

6. Click "Submit"!

7. An admin will view your submission and distribute your Site Welcome Pack as well as transfer your hoard from Sheets to our new site.

Click here to see what features the site currently offers, as well as features we have planned!

Having an issue with the site? Please visit the Site Help channel in our Discord server, or report it on our dA!
* Please note that reporting bugs in our Discord server will likely have a faster response time!

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