Magic and Skills

     Velukaelo has three primary forms of magic based off of the fundamental forces of the universe. Most sapient creatures can learn to harness this magic and some have even broken it into more specialized categories. While all magic users are able to use all three forms to some extent, the vast majority of them (ketucari included) can only use one with great skill. This is due to their natural, inborn "attunement" to that particular force. The three forms of magic are:
Greheli (gravity)
Magic users with an attunement toward greheli can bend gravity to their will. By weakening and strengthening gravity around themselves and in their immediate vicinity, greheli users can cause things to fly, stop, speed up, deflect, and even implode. Greheli users are effective tanks in battle, as it can be extremely difficult to land a hit on them. Greheli is also useful in everyday life, especially when it comes to construction and exploration. 
Talik (electromagnetism)
Talik deals with electricity and magnetism. In battle, talik users combine devastating hits with crippling conditions such as paralysis & confusion. Experts in talik are capable of creating "rift portals" through space, allowing them to teleport small distances. Being that talik gives its users the ability to bend electricity, it is of course widely used outside of battle as well.
Dasrah (nuclear)
Dasrah is the most versatile and the most brutal form of magic. It deals with the very forces that hold atoms together, and therefore has massive potential for evil and good. Dasrah users can bend the molecular structure of their bodies as well as in the things around them. The most powerful dasrah users of all are the Lucedarians, who have broken it down into elemental (fire, water, etc.) specializations. In battle, dasrah is almost exclusively an offensive power, used to cause explosions and even disintegrate body parts. 


While many ketucari pursue one of the above forms of magic, some, for various reasons, may not choose any of them. These ketucari fall under the following category:
Berserker (non-magic)
The strength of berserkers lies not in magic, but in physical force. They are experts at using their natural weaponry, as well as using their opponents' bodies against them. Being that most expect fights to involve magic, berserkers can sometimes take their enemies by surprise by using pure melee assault.


Learning and Using Skills

 At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of possible skills that your ketucari can learn. On their import sheet, you will see a section dedicated to your ketucari's learned skills.

In total, any one ketucari can learn 3 physical attack skills, one social skill, 2 boons, 2 explorations, 2 talents, 4 magic, and 2 elder. Additional skill slots (up to 1 physical attack, 1 boon, 1 talent, and 1 magic) can be unlocked through use of special items or through exclusive events.

Learning Skills

To learn a skill, simply complete a image/literature piece of your ketucari's first time using the skill or one of their attempts to learn it. You can find short descriptions of each skill below in order to draw inspiration from. Many of these are intentionally open-ended so that you can make them fit into your ketucari's story however you see fit. Submissions should meet our minimum submission requirements, found HERE.

When you have completed the piece, submit it to the "Skill Unlocks" group folder (if not an offsite image) and follow the steps below to submit via the official Ketucari site:
  1. Type and/or select the name of the skill you wish to submit in the "Prompt" field.
  2. Paste the link to your image in the "Submission URL" field. There is no need to include the old skill form in your submission.
  3. Link the ketucari you are submitting the skill for in the "Comments" field. Please link both the import and the deviantArt import (Example: | )
  4. PLEASE NOTE: You must create a separate submission for each character in the image.
  5. You may ignore the "Rewards" and "Characters" sections.
  6. Hit submit! Rewards are automatically placed in your inventory by the site itself once an admin approves your submission. The skill will also be logged on your ketucari's dA import like normal.


Using Skills

Some skills, such as boons, give instant boosts to your ketucari's statistics the moment they are learned. Other skills, such a physical and magic attacks, are used in actual battle encounters to defeat monsters and bosses. During battle interactions, you can choose one of your learned skills to use against your opponent to lower their health, inflict a status effect, or both! 

Choosing Your Attunement

 Each individual ketucari you own may only have one attunement. While they are free to learn any other vital and specialty skills, when it comes to their magic skills you must stick to one path. This means you cannot learn one dasrah skill and the rest talik skills, for example. Your ketucari's attunement will be placed on their import sheet the moment you have them learn their first skill related to a path. 

Available Skills

The amount of work it takes to learn a skill varies according to how powerful the skill is. You may learn skills in any order, with the exception of Elder Skills which may only be learned after your ketucari has reached elder status.

Vital Skills

 You earn 5 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Vital skills are comprised of basic physical attacks and social skills which your ketucari would learn from their parents. Your ketucari must learn at least one physical attack before you begin engaging in battle encounters, or else they will be helpless!

Physical Attacks

Use: The ketucari brutally rips at the target with their claws.
Attack Power:
Examples: Ketucari - ? | Scratch | Ketucari - Skill

The ketucari barrels into the target, using their body weight as a weapon. Chance to stun the enemy. Can be used to knock a domain guardian off balance during a raid (15% chance the boss will cause no damage OR fall on top of your ketucari to inflict double damage).
Attack Power: 5
Examples: forest escape | learning something new | Ketucari - Skill

The ketucari attempts to take out the target's eyes. Can be used to blind a domain guardian during a raid (15% chance the boss will cause no damage OR fall on top of your ketucari to inflict double damage).
Attack Power: 5
Examples: Ketucari - Broken and Beaten | Blind this

Social Skills

Each ketucari may only learn one.

This ketucari has a small chance to encounter a wild ketucari during adventures.
Examples: Ketucari - Skill | [Ketucari]Fancy to Meet You Here

 When adventuring with another player's ketucari, this ketucari might just end up with a few extra "borrowed" gold pieces.
Examples: Oh Found? Really? | Ketucari - Skill | Just passing by

Old Soul
This ketucari is wise for their age and only needs to complete 25 themes for their elder rank rather than 30. Also allows this ketucari to find pets in adventures.
Examples: Ketucari - Skill | Storm-filled Thoughts | Ketucari - Skill

This ketucari makes great company, helping to boost the confidence of those around them. Other ketucari portrayed with this one will receive a buff to their social skills (does not stack).
Examples: none yet



Talent Skills

 You earn 10 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Talent skills can give you an edge in your battle and farming endeavors.
Each ketucari may only learn two.

Narrow Escape
The ketucari can run away from the battle if it looks like they might lose. This is a passive skill!
Examples: Skills - Narrow Escape

The ketucari has a sudden burst of rage, allowing them to break out of a stun inflicted on them by the enemy. This is a passive skill!

Decreases the chance of being instantly KO'ed by a powerful boss when farming in a high level zone. This is a passive skill!
Examples: Shadows | [Ketucari] Predator Becomes Prey

Second Wind
Small chance to revive with half of your armor when KO'ed. This is a passive skill!
Examples: Im not done yet | x | x

Regain some armor during battle. In boss battles, it will also restore armor to team mates.
Examples: BTT: Prompt III / Cauterize + Healing

The ketucari has a knack for finding trouble. Increases the chance of being KO'd by powerful boss, but finds more items. This is a passive skill!
Examples: none yet


Specialty Skills

You earn 10 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Specialty skills cover boons and exploration. Boons are automatically figured in to your ketucari's skills once they have been learned. Exploration skills allow you to reach exclusive zones for high level farming.


Each ketucari may only learn two. These are the most open-ended of all the skills, with the skill names being the "theme" of the piece required to learn them.


Use: Pre-elder, this skill lowers the chance of a matriarch killing this individual's cubs to 35%. Upon reaching elder, the ketucari may use this skill once a month to reduce the chance of a matriarch killing another ketucari's cubs to 20%.

Use: Your ketucari appears to have royal blood. Increases Nobility by 20 and adds +1 chance (out of 100) to roll the ketucari's genes in a breeding, even at 500 Nobility.
Examples: The perfect little bobble

Use: Your ketucari is particularly vicious. Increase strength by 50.
Examples: [Ketucari] Bug Smacker

Use: Your ketucari is particularly successful. Increases Luck by 30 and gives an extra gold roll in adventures.
Examples: Ketucari - Adventure

Fortune Seeker
Use: Your ketucari is always on the lookout for the next big find. Increases Intellect by 30 and gives an extra roll in artifacts.
Examples: [Ketucari] Relic Hunter

Use: Your ketucari is particularly intimidating. Increases armor by 150.
Examples: [The Champion's Intimidate] [Viral's Intimidate] | x | x

Use: Your ketucari is particularly light on their feet. Increases dexterity by 50.
Examples: The right placement | Alternate Paths

Use: Your ketucari is particularly stubborn and/or determined. Increases Willpower by 30 and gives an extra roll in ore/gems.
Examples: Ketucari - Quest

Use: Your ketucari is particularly discerning. Increases Perception by 30 and gives an extra roll in herbs/cooking ingredients.
Examples: Desert Gathering

Use: Your ketucari is a particularly good strategist.Increases Cunning by 30 and gives an extra roll in animal parts.



 Each ketucari may only learn two.

Your ketucari has a knack for swimming. Allows the ketucari to bring back underwater items from the Obsidian Bluffs, Salamander Island, Plains of Messus, Terendum, and Kandriya.
Examples: Water Lights | Ketucari - Skill

Keen Sight
Your ketucari has excellent eyesight. Allows adventuring in the Gusting Cavern. Gives treasure chest rolls from Terendum, Viridian Tangle, Ilahaesa Mountains, Singing Vale, and Gusting Cavern.
Examples: Night vision

Thick Skin
Your ketucari can roll with the punches and survive any terrain. Allows adventuring in Antikutan. Gives treasure chest rolls from Kanibar Snowfields, Sunye Desert, Viridian Tangle, Shalekesh, Antikutan, and Molten Highlands.
Examples: Under the mercy of the sun | Ketucari - Skill


Greheli Skills

You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Greheli ketucari may only learn four.
Description: The caster bends the gravity around them, allowing them to temporarily glide out of harm's way. 
Use: The caster will evade the enemy's next attack.
Attack Power: N/A
Examples: [Ketucari] Almost Flying

Description: The caster inflicts a crushing blow on their enemy, either by telekinetically flinging an object at them or abruptly increasing the gravity around them.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:

Description: The caster creates a force field that causes attacks to bounce back on their opponent.
Use: Enemy's attack rebounds, inflicting damage on themselves.
Attack Power:
Examples: Stone fall | Linden-Shield

Description: The caster shatters the ground beneath their enemy, causing them to lose their balance and stumble through their next attacks.
Use: Lowers the enemy's attack power by half for two turns.
Attack Power:

Description: The caster increases gravity in their enemy's vicinity so much that they are immobilized.
Use: Status effect. Enemy cannot attack for 2 turns.
Attack Power:
Examples: Lets teach you how to STOP

Description: The caster bends gravity around them, giving them a speed boost.
Use: Caster can attack twice per turn for 2 turns.
Attack Power:
Cooldown (Raids Only): 3 Turns
Examples: [Ketucari] She Goes Zoom Zoom | Ketucari - Haste

Talik Skills

You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Talik ketucari may only learn four.

Description: The caster deals a powerful electric shock to the enemy.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:
Examples: Blast Off - Skill Unlock: Shock | [Ketucari] Silver Pines and Purple Bolts

Description: The caster manipulates electromagnetic fields around the enemy, addling their brain.
Use: Status effect. Disorients the enemy and causes them to attack themselves for 2 turns.
Attack Power:
Examples: Ketucari - Collab | What just happend

Description: The caster electrocutes the enemy and temporarily paralyzes them.
Use: Status effect. Enemy cannot attack for 2 turns.
Attack Power:

Arc Flash
Description: The caster sends a blast of super heated electricity toward the enemy. Higher attack power than Shock, but has a higher chance of missing.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:
Examples: Flash Beam

Description: The caster rips open a dimensional rift and teleports behind the enemy.
Use: The caster catches the enemy off guard from behind, enabling them to attack twice per turn for 2 turns.
Attack Power:
Cooldown (Raids Only): 3 Turns
Examples: A rip of purple

Chain Lightning
Description: The caster causes lightning to bounce off any available surface.
Use: Has a chance to hit the enemy up to 3 times for between 30-40 damage each time, but has a high chance of missing.
Attack Power:
Examples: Chain connection

Dasrah Skills

You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Dasrah ketucari may only learn four.

Description: The caster causes a part of the enemy's body to disintegrate.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:

Description: The caster causes a gash to open on the enemy's body and they begin to bleed out.
Use: Lowers the enemy's attack power by half for two turns.
Attack Power:

Description: The caster causes an explosion to go off near their enemy. Higher attack power than Deconstruct, but has a higher chance of missing.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:
Examples: Ketucari - Skill | 

Description: The caster compromises the atomic stability of their enemy, turning them into a living bomb.
Use: Instantly kills the enemy, but has a high chance of missing. 5% chance to end a raid if successful.
Attack Power:
Examples: death incarnate

Description: The caster drains some of their enemy's energy.
Use: The caster can attack twice for two turns.
Attack Power:
Cooldown (Raids Only): 3 Turns
Examples: Passing on life

Description: The caster makes their hide impenetrable.
Use: The enemy's attacks deflect for 2 turns.
Attack Power:

Berserker Skills

You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Berserker ketucari may only learn four.

Speed Rush
Description:  Your ketucari shows off their incredible speed, taking a running start they build speed over time and dart around the enemy, confusing them.
Use: The enemy misses their attacks for 2 turns.
Attack Power:
Examples: Speeding through

Description: Your ketucari calls upon their immense strength and inflicts a devastatingly deep gash into their enemies flesh with their claws. May cause additional damage.
Use: Physical damage
Attack Power:
Example: Rs

Description: Your ketucari uses their strength to grab and flip an enemy onto its back making it vulnerable to more damage.
Use: The caster can attack twice for two turns.
Attack Power:
Cooldown (Raids Only): 3 Turns
Examples: Flip flop | Flip Out

Description: Your ketucari uses their paws or powerful jaws to crush their opponents windpipe, leaving them weakened.
Use: Physical damage/lowers enemy's attack power by half for 2 turns.
Attack Power:

Tear and Shred
Description: Your ketucari goes all out in a fit of rage, ripping their opponent apart with teeth and claw, this attack does catastrophic damage but also has a higher chance of missing due to your ketucari being blinded by rage.
Use: The caster can attack twice for two turns.
Attack Power: 500+
Cooldown (Raids Only): 3 Turns

Vise Grip
Description: Your ketucari gets a powerful grip on their opponent with their jaws, restricting their movements.
Use: Physical damage/enemy may miss an attack.
Attack Power:

Elder Skills

You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
These skills can only be learned by ketucari who have already reached elder status!
Each ketucari may only learn two.

Use: This ketucari will be able to guard 1 litter per month from matriarch killings. In order to use this skill, please specify that it's being used in the "Other Bonuses" section of your breeding comment. If the ketucari is not owned by you, the owner will need to respond to your breeding comment to confirm that you may use their ketucari's guardian skill.
Examples: Walk Me Home | Protect the young

Use: When pictured with non-elder ketucari, the elder will ensure that they receive an extra roll in one item category. 
Examples: Ketucari - Skill

Use: Ketucari is immune to status effects such as stun during battles.

Use: Increases attack statistic by 20%

Use: Increases an adventure statistic of your choice by 20% (please specify which statistic when submitting your piece)

Use: Increases armor by 20%

Use: This ketucari's offspring will inherit 10% of their statistics.
Midas Touch
Use: This ketucari can instantly exchange items they find for gold. Mention Midas Touch in Adventure or Battle bonuses to lose 1 item roll and gain 20 additional gold. In ventures, this gives a bonus 20 gold without taking an item roll.

Lineage Skills

 You earn 20 gold per skill unlock in this category! 
Lineage skills may only be learned by ketucari who have a certain ancestor with the skill.
These can only be learned by elder ketucari and take up a locked lineage skill slot.
Each ketucari may only learn one.
Winter's Breath
Use: In Domain Guardian and World Boss battles, this skill will freeze the boss and keep them from attacking the entire raid party for 2 turns. Can only be used once per raid for the entire raid (if another ketucari with this skill tries to use it afterward, it will be ineffective). This skill can only be learned by descendants of Tauratu 631.

Arachnid Ambusher
Use: Against creatures of the Terendum and Antikutan specifically, this ketucari gains an extra attack on their first turn. This skill can only be learned by descendants of Charlot 1277.

Strategic Planning
Doubles the damage done to a DG during a raid by all party members for 1 turn. Can only be used once per raid for the entire raid (if another ketucari with this skill tries to use it afterward, it will be ineffective). This skill can only be learned by descendants of The Champion 1870
Endearing Display
Use: Your ketucari has turned battles into an art form and tends to draw a crowd! Battles with this ketucari have a chance of finding a wild ketucari. (Unaffected by Wingman). This skill can only be learned by descendants of Cupid 2530 or Eros 2676.
Unknowable Entity
Use: Your ketucari has ancient, unusual blood within them and can obtain a God Form without a Large Flip Coin! This skill can only be learned by descendants of Ah'legeth'drn 2607

Use: Your ketucari has tracked their lineage back to a magical creature and learned to disguise their form! They can learn 2 of each shift form type (Darhaskos' Talisman, Small Flip Coin, Large Flip Coin) instead of being limited to one per type! This skill can only be learned by descendants of

Blood for Blood
Use: Your ketucari may sacrifice one of their direct offspring to the tarn. The offspring must still be a geno and the ketucari with this skill must be either the dam or sire of said geno. In exchange for their sacrifice they gain 20 stats to the adventure stat of your choice or 40 stats to the battle stat of your choice. No more than half of a given litter, and only one litter a month may be sacrificed, and this skill requires a Tarn submission to be used. This skill can only be learned by descendants of

Quid Pro Quo
Use: Your ketucari has toxic blood! When hit by an opponent, they will automatically counter for 25 damage! This skill can only be learned by descendants of

Poisoned Mantle
Use: Poisoned claws and fangs run in your family, when using a berserker skill, the enemy takes 40 extra damage per attack that lands. This skill can only be learned by descendants of