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The Wanderer Slot Raffle Season 3

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The Wanderers

[DA Journal Version]

    A pack of young adult ketucari has recently been spotted roaming the continents, seeking to explore, learn, and socialize wherever they go. Calling themselves the Wanderers, their aim to experience all walks of life may cause their paths to cross with your very own ketucari! 

Current Wanderers



Every month, the group will be raffling off one slot to each of the above ketucari!

Bullet; White There are no restrictions on the usage of these slots.

Bullet; White Each slot also comes with a "built in" Sundisk of Nyssa, so that you may breed them with a male or female ketucari. They also do not require a litter guard.

Bullet; White You may enter once per ketucari, but you may only win one Wanderer slot total for the month.

Bullet; White Wanderers may be bred together if you happen to collect more than one slot over the course of a few months.

How to Enter

Bullet; White Simply create a piece that meets our minimum Group Submission Requirements showing one of your ketucari interacting with the Wanderer who's slot you would like to win! Collaborations are allowed, but in order to count for all involved parties, each must have a ketucari present in the piece.

Bullet; White Only one Wanderer may be included per piece (ie, you cannot depict all six in one piece and use it as an entry for all of them). However, if collaborating pieces, more than one Wanderer may be included at a rate of One Per Person. However each player may only use one piece to enter for one Wanderer.
-i.e. Players 1, 2 and 3 collab on a piece with Manghild, Liatris, and Hen'ri. Player 1 can use the piece to enter for Manghild, Liatris, or Hen'ri, but not all three. Player 2 can do the same, as well as Player 3.
Bullet; White Remember that until they're raffled off, Wanderers are group owned. R rated entries and entries that are found to be disrespectful to either the Wanderer or any real life person, collective group of people, or culture, can be refused and rejected. They're allowed to be portrayed as creepy, or as villains if you like, but they Must be portrayed with respect, if only for the sake of the future owners.

Going forward, we will be rejecting entries that we feel cross the line into disrespecting the character.
This mostly applies to literature, as it's harder to have blatant disrespect in visual mediums. However, as a bit of a rubric for the sorts of things that might ping as disrespectful:

-Non-spoken lines making fun of the character (such as calling them "gross")
-high number of "in character" or spoken lines making fun of the character
-calling them "it" in a way that deprives the character of personhood
-entries that feel like they were written from a place of Disliking the character (we understand this is subjective, and other factors will be looked at)
-entries using the character as a mouthpiece for any sorts of views that deny other characters (or any people, groups of people, or cultures) personhood and basic dignity

Bullet; White There will be up to 6 total winners, labelled 1-6. Winners will be asked to list the Wanderers they want in order of preference based on which number they have and who they put in entries for (you cannot put in a Livia entry and win Fionn, for example, but if you only entered for Bun you get priority on Bun).
-i.e. if you are the only person to put in an entry on both Manghild and Liatris, you may choose which slot you would prefer to get, instead of receiving Liatris by default.

Bullet; White You may include multiple entries in one comment.

Bullet; White Comment your entry here:



Yearly Import Raffle


Each year, the Wanderers will retire from their journey and seek a permanent residence as new pack members take their place. That means they could even end up with you!

Before we get started we need to establish a few things, however. As the Wanderers are not just fancy imports but characters you all have been developing through the year, we want to make the ownership rules clear.

Bullet; White Wanderers may not be redesigned. Tokens may be added if applicable, and accessories, Elemental Blessings, and new backgrounds can be added, but the actual character cannot be redesigned.

Bullet; White Wanderers may Not be resold for USD.

Bullet; White No Deceasing the import. If you don't want them, gift/trade them to someone else or give them back to the group. Imports returned to the group will not be re-raffled without your approval/

Bullet; White The New Owner may Not change their Wanderer's Attunement without use of the Attunement Shift item.

Bullet; White The New Owner will need to complete their Wanderer's Breeding Eligibility. Their Breeding Comment will be "locked" before they are transferred to their new owner. Slots written by the Matriarchs-Haunt account will not count against the Wanderer's used or total Slots.

Bullet; White The new Owner must be aware that their Wanderer will not keep their built in Guardian or Sun Disk.

Bullet; White If a Wanderer is somehow Unclaimed it will remain group-owned as a starter.

Bullet; White The New Owner must be aware that their Wanderer will maintain their "Starter" status and be added to lineages as needed.

With that established, here is how


How to Enter

Bullet; White As with the Slot Raffle, you must create a piece that meets our minimum Group Submission Requirements showing one of your ketucari interacting with the Wanderer who's slot you would like to win! THESE PIECES MAY BE COMMISSIONED. Commissioned entries may be used by both Commissioner and Commissionee as long as each has a ket present in the piece. Collaborations are allowed, but in order to count for all involved parties, each must have a ketucari present in the piece.

Bullet; White UNLIKE with the Slots, you may include up to 3 Wanderers in an entry and it will count for all of them.

Bullet; White There will be up to 6 total winners, labelled 1-6. Winners will be asked to list the Wanderers they want in order of preference based on which number they have and who they put in entries for (you cannot put in a Haze entry and win Free, for example, but if you only entered for Haze you get priority on Haze).

Bullet; White Comment your entry here: >CURRENTLY CLOSED<

Current Wanderers are due to be adopted out on March 1st, 2023


7 Days of Trick or Treating II

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Hello and welcome to a small Halloween event! It's back from last year!
Each day, a prompt will appear on this journal with a small prize for its completion! Prompts for this event will require just a headshot sketch/100 word lit entry! There will not be an additional prize for completing all 7 days, so don't worry if you miss one! However, you will only be able to complete each day's prompt on that day! Some prompts will be returning from last year, and most if not all prizes will be returning!
Check the linked journal each day for the daily prompt!
Have a happy, safe, and haunted end of your October! Have fun!
Each prompt will show up at midnight pacific time! The second prompt will show up on Wednesday - the first prompt has appeared early to give folks a bit of extra time to know this is here!
Additionally, for some more creepy fun, we've got a new eerie-looking jaw type up on all available builds including Ketixi!
Eldritch Jaw

It's called the Eldritch jaw, and it comes with some lovely hanging tendrils and a little eye! For 3 months, as long as you're not changing anything else about the design, you can change your Ketucari's jaw type to Eldritch for free (without a minor redesign token needed)!


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Hello, everyone!

As many of you have heard, our group owned ASimpleMoon is going through a family emergency. The short version is that she and her mother are currently escaping an extremly toxic home environment by moving, and are coming up a little bit short on money for necessities.

With her permission, we've decided to host a flash sale for her, so that she and her mother can get out and stay on their feet while getting out.

This fundraiser is seeking $400 USD. Any extra will be used towards ensuring Moon's safety and the future of the group.

SIDE NOTE: Be aware that replies confirming purchases may be slightly delayed, as the admin in charge of the sale will be at work for the majority of it (RIP). Please allow 24-48 hours for confirmation.


BONUS: For any purchase worth $20 or more, Moon is offering headshots of any ketucari or rixixi of the buyer's choice.



The end date of this sale will be October 5th at 11:59 PM PST.


  • Payment is through PayPal Invoices only. No paypal account needed!
  • All prices are in USD.
  • E-Checks are not accepted.
  • The threads for each type of purchase will be linked in their appropriate category below!


  • These are full litter slots. If you snag a breedable pair, you're more than welcome to breed them together or to use your slot with a player-owned ketu!
    (Note - Tier Lists are incomplete and there is currently not a good way to make a lists publicly available in a way that isn't overwhelming. If the starter you want is not on this list, don't be afraid to ask which tier they're in.)
    (Lineage Skill starters are NOT available in the current sale)







  • “Roulette litter” means that the sire and dam are randomly chosen out of all available starters. Specific starters cannot be requested, as this defeats the purpose of the randomness.
  • Each litter will contain 2-4 cubs.
  • An admin will randomly roll which sire and which dam will be used for your litter, then roll the resulting cubs. This is done purely by RNG, which will also be determining the litter size. The parents, as well as the litter itself, will be posted to Breeding Requests and you will be notified once it's up! After that, what you decide to do with the cubs is up to you! They are yours to keep, sell, trade, etc. 




  • Wild cubs work exactly like a wild ketucari you’d find with the Charming skill! Their genes are randomly generated and they may or may not have unknown lineage depending on their rarity.




  • Feather types are not available as tokens.
  • Common and uncommon genes are available! You can find them here, at the bottom: Breeding 
  • Be sure to read the rules for applying tokens here: Obtaining and Applying Tokens




  • Base semi-customs include:
    • Ww litter size gene + a lineage
    • 4 common genes OR 3 common and 1 uncommon gene OR  two uncommon genes
    • Uncommon marking may be swapped for horns OR an additional common marking
    • The base uncommon gene may be used to apply tint, smokey, or flaxen!
  • Base Coat Add-ons:
    • Please note that genes affecting coat color can only be added via this section. This means that making a blended base is now possible, as vivid and dilute no longer count toward the marking limit, only the base color limit.
    • Uncommon base modifiers (max 1) are +7 USD
    • Rare base modifiers (max 2) +15 USD
    • Albino customs are on a sliding scale! 
      • Basic albino +10 USD
      • Albino covering 6-8 genes +15 USD
      • Albino covering 9+ genes (not including horns) +20 USD
      • You can see a guide to this scale here: Albino Price Guide
  • Other Add-ons:
    • +B for inferno and +Tri for lintosi are +5 USD
    • +Me for Melanistic Pastel (carried or displayed) is +7 USD
    • Extra common genes (max 2)  are +5 USD
    • Extra uncommon genes (max 2)  are +7 USD
    • Rare genes (max 1) are +15 USD
    • Fantail/harpy feathers are +15 USD
    • Every other feather type is +20 USD
    • Primary horns are +10 USD *Note that these count toward the uncommon limit
    • Secondary and tertiary horns are +5 USD *Note that these count toward the common limit
    • Ryno and Danuoc builds are +5 USD






  • Can be redeemed for your choice of 5 legendary tier ingredients.


x1 Strong Herbal Brew

x1 Flourishing Elixir

x1 Guard Talisman

x1 Gem Dust


x3 Strong Herbal Brew

x3 Flourishing Elixir

x3 Guard Talisman

x3 Gem Dust

x3 Herbal Brew


x1 Stoplight Stuffed Peppers

x3 Tanqorah's Suds

x3 Figure of Eirian

x3 Figure of Verdani

x2 Dylana Statuette

x2 Ancestor's Blessing

x1 Feather Wand


x20 Copper Ore

x10 Leather Scrap

x1 EACH Heldyrite

x1 Ancient Medallion

x1 Stone Tablet

x1 Figure of Eirian

x5 Gem Dust


x15 Armosi

x15 Leriss

x15 Shyl

x15 Satia

x15 Snow Cap

x15 Yellow Sedge

x1 Volatile Potion

x1 Raw Hate

x1 Explorer's Spirit

LOW TIER Engineering PACK - 5 USD

x5 Gear

x5 Glass

x5 Shaft

x5 Data Chip

x2 Replicator

x1 Buyer's choice of [Event Simulator / Energy Shield / Night Vision Goggles / Pheromone Diffuser]


x10 Sugar

x10 Leafy Greens

x10 Salt

x10 Frostberry

x10 Milk

x10 Betta Meat

x5 Broth

x5 Flour

x1 Bone Growth Shake


x25 Iron Ore

x1 EACH Naliem

x1 Tattered Scroll

x1 Clay Statue

x1 Figure of Verdani

x1 Headdress of Okianis


x15 Asher

x15 Banukel

x15 Kelem

x15 Seit

x15 Whitsul

x15 Ykalu

Mid TIER Engineering PACK - 10 USD

x5 Capacitor

x5 Semi-Conductor

x5 Data Chip

x10 Gear

x10 Glass

x10 Shaft

x1 Buyer's Choice of [Botany / Geology / Artifact] Database

x1 Zone Mapper

x1 Tactical Simulation

Mid TIER Cooking PACK - 10 USD

x10 Egg

x10 Onion

x10 Pepper

x10 Bamboo

x1 Combo Slammer

x1 Frostberry Pie

x1 Buyer's Choice [Frostberry Pie / Peace Offering]


x25 Mithril Ore

x1 EACH Toresul

x1 Golden Chalice

x1 Timeworn Skull

x1 Dylana Statuette

x1 Crown of the False King


x15 Danios

x15 Dragon’s Claw

x15 Dramos

x15 Irakel

x15 Morban

x15 Nutili

High TIER Engineering PACK - 15 USD

x5 Bearing

x5 Energy Core

x5 Capacitor

x5 Semi-Conductor

x10 Gear

x10 Glass

x10 Shaft

x1 Cloning Vat

x1 Tactical Simulation

x1 Tracking Collar

High TIER Cooking Pack - 15 USD

x20 Egg

x20 Onion

x20 Pepper

x20 Bamboo

x20 Sugar

x20 Leafy Greens

x20 Salt

x20 Frostberry

x20 Milk

x20 Betta Meat

x20 Broth

x20 Flour

x1 Sweet and Savory Dinner

x1 Stoplight Stuffed Peppers

x1 Fragrant Roast


x20 Garonite Ore

x1 EACH Daras

x2  Legendary artifacts of your choice

x2 Legendary armorsmithin items of your choice


x1 Sundisk of Nyssa

x1 Kohto’s Rattle

x1 Nature Scroll

x1 Ancestor’s Blessing

x1 Large Flip Coin

x1 Small Flip Coin


x15 Alear

x15 Dynyr

x15 Fotur

x15 Nysine

x15 Rugha

x15 Yendi

x1 Mutation Potion

x1 Guardian Paste

x1 Darhaskos's Talisman

x1 Bottle Glamour

x1 Mytical Feather Wand


x20 Copper Ore

x1 EACH Heldyrite

x1 Ancient Medallion

x1 Stone Tablet

x25 Iron Ore

x1 EACH Naliem

x1 Tattered Scroll

x1 Clay Statue

x25 Mithril Ore

x1 EACH Toresul

x1 Golden Chalice

x1 Timeworn Skull


x20 Copper Ore

x1 EACH Heldyrite

x1 Ancient Medallion

x1 Stone Tablet

x25 Iron Ore

x1 EACH Naliem

x1 Tattered Scroll

x1 Clay Statue

x25 Mithril Ore

x1 EACH Toresul

x1 Golden Chalice

x1 Timeworn Skull

x1 Sundisk of Nyssa

x1 Kohto’s Rattle

x1 Nature Scroll

x1 Ancestor’s Blessing

x1 Large Flip Coin

x1 Small Flip Coin


x1 Bracer of Balance

x1 Claw Sheaths

x1 Scepter of Life

x1 Foundling Amulet

x1 Lucky Charm

LEGENDARY Engineering PACK - 30 USD

x1 Distress Beacon

x1 Scenic Hologram

x1 Mythic Simulator

x1 EVA Toolkit

x1 Surgical Suite

x1 Personal Radar

LEGENDARY Cooking Pack PACK - 30 USD

x1 Aromatic Forage

x1 Luscious Bait

x1 Ambrosia Ale

x1 Lover's Banquet

x1 Salamander Soup

x1 Banshee's Confit

x1 Divine Wine


x1 Legendary alchemy item of your choice

x1 Legendary engineering item of your choice

x1 Legendary cooking item of your choice

x1 Legendary armor item of your choice

x1 Legendary artifact of your choice


One of each accessory-- please see Pantheon page for contents!

  • Hianlian Relic Set
  • Guro Relic Set
  • Hyperion Relic Set
  • Kalet Relic Set


  • Ketucabra cub
  • Winter ground streak
  • Mastiff puppy
  • Serpent
  • Angel hare
  • Fire sprite
  • Dwarf snowbear
  • Otter pup
  • Roothorne


  • Vestige of Hianlian
  • Vestige of Guro
  • Vestige of Hyperion
  • Vestige of Kalet



Thank you everyone in advance for supporting the group and allowing us to continue developing this awesome community!


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The festivities are over, the revelers trickled back to their respective worlds, and the breeding machine sits quiet...

But a murmur travels among those who assembled: "That was fun. Maybe we should do it again sometime?"

The Veluchasm festival is now a recurring event. Perhaps we'll see you again next year...?


Thank you, sincerely, to all of you who participated. As an admin of both groups, it really delighted me seeing how many folks came out of the woodwork for our little festival. I hope you'll stick around!

Now for a piece of more serious news: Due to a family crisis, our dear group owner ASimpleMoon is taking a leave of absence. In the meantime, I, pawstepsinthesnow, and my partner in crime IIIXKitsuneXIII, will be filling her shoes until such a time as she can return. This is not affecting species ownership or group rights-- Moon has simply deputized us to act in her stead while she focuses on things in the physical world. Those of you in the Discord probably have noticed we've temporarliy taken on the group admin role, but I wanted to give a heads-up to site-only folks as well. 

The third update: deviantArt has made changes that makes it impossible to edit any journals that have custom skins applied. This has affected several aspects of the group that were still on dA, especially the Orphanage-- I chatted with our illustrious sitedev Draginraptor to enable a few features, and am currently in progress of migrating several dA functions fully onto I'll make sure to keep you posted on progress. Transferring the Orphanage is currently our top priority-- things have been slowed down to complications with my health, but I'm working as hard as I can to make sure all functions of the group are available again. Thank you for your patience! 


-Sian (pawstepsinthesnow)


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The Veluchasm Festival!
The Veluchasm Festival!
Runs August 1, 2022 - 11:59 PM August 31 2022 (Pacific Time)
Additional news at the bottom!
We have drinks, streamers, sparklers, and aliens, no matter which world you’re celebrating on! While the denizens of Velukaelo and those of the Chasm-Connected worlds have been aware of each other for years, we’re just now holding a celebration of our alliance! The reason for this is about to be revealed to the general public…
While Ketucari and Rixixi have had relationships every now and again, something new has started to spring up - a hybrid species referred to as the Ketixi! With the help of B-NOMALY mechanic Steele and expert engineer Kenkasei, the B-NOMALY’s breeding safety machine was altered with tarn water to safely join the genes of Rixixi and Ketucari while filtering out all sorts of possible issues. While it is possible to create a Ketixi naturally, it is rare, so we recommend use of the machine!
You will need an account on both and to participate in this event!
Ketixi: Smooth Import
A hybrid of Ketucari and Rixixi, Ketixi are bulky, muscular quadrupeds. Appearing similar to a combination of a Primal subspecies of Rixixi and a Ketucari no matter their actual Rixixi heritage, they primarily stand on four legs, but can walk in a bipedal stance for a short time, similar to ursines. Much like Rixixi, the Ketixi breathes through a vent system, visible on their sides. Much like Ketucari, they have a combination of fur and feathers covering their body, and their frill - both spiked and leathery as well as covered in feathers - is extremely expressive.
They are approximately the size of a Standard build Ketucari, standing 16-20 hands tall at the shoulder. Rixixi commonly measure their quadrupeds by length, and Ketixi are comparable to a large Primal, measuring 12-16 feet long from snout to tailtip on average.
Ketixi are all some form of intersex due to their Rixixi heritage. Due in part to their unusual heritage, they are all sterile.
Each player can enter ONE KETUCARI and ONE RIXIXI into a breeding to get one Ketixi geno per breeding! Ketucari and Rixixi must both be breedable (or a starter) for this event, but the breedings will not reduce their total slots!
To enter a starter, you must do at least a colored headshot or 100 words of that starter!
You have 1 Breeding by default! By entering the 2 main events and advertising bonus here, you may obtain up to 3 additional breedings!
Breedings will not be subject to Matriarch Kills or infertility penalties. Breedings will be subject to radiation sickness and inbreeding penalties if relevant. Breeding boosters may not be used. Rixixi are considered to have a disk automatically and can breed with any ketucari gender-wise. These are all considered full litters to you, but you can do what you please with the cubs afterwards.
Starters with lineage skills, Wanderers, and Mechanix may not be rented for this event.
Splits are disabled for this event, as breedings here will only result in one cub every time.
To enter, go HERE and comment with the following form:
Additional Information: [If you’re leasing a starter, the art goes here. Any other relevant information goes here.]
Intimidated by mutations? Lost? Busy? You can request a design from an admin HERE! - just link to your Ketixi geno!
You can specifically request Anarchisme, IIIXKitsuneXIII, or pawstepsinthesnow as designer if desired!
Have a breedable Ketucari or Rixixi that you want to give slots out for this event, but are unsure how to do that for this since slots aren’t used? Use THIS THREAD to give a slot to a specific player, with this form! The Ketucari and Rixixi discords are good places to advertise your Ketu/Ixi’s breedable services, so why not sign up?
Link to import: [Ket/Ixi]
Slot recipient: @ username
There are all sorts of folks to meet at the Festival, and it’s held on all of the Chasm-Connected worlds as well as Velukaelo! While you’re here, why not introduce yourself to someone new? It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Depict your own Ketucari or Rixixi meeting a different world’s sapient species at the festival! Entries should meet Ketucari’s minimum art requirements - the character you’re meeting does not count as an extra character for wordcount purposes. For the other character, you can use your own characters, starters, or others’ Ixi/Ketucari, but make sure to have permission if drawing others’. It is allowed to draw non-Ixi/Ketucari sapients, such as Heldyr or Arakanth.
You can commission art pieces for this if you want to!
Post your pieces on THIS THREAD, and list your and usernames!
  • +1 Ketixi Breeding
  • 50x Gold and 50x Summer Pops
  • Primal Crown Primary Horn Token OR Cheek Frill Tertiary Horn Token (tell us which you want!)
Exploring other worlds is exciting! One of the most interesting parts is all the new creatures you might meet. While traveling along, see if you have an encounter with something. Make sure to approach from a safe distance, and maybe you’ll have a pleasant experience!
Depict your own Ketucari or Rixixi meeting a different world’s fauna! Entries should meet Ketucari’s minimum art requirements. If you need to find some fauna to choose from, explore Ketucari’s Zone Pages or Chasmhome’s Bestiary (note that sapients are listed in the Chasmhome bestiary as well -this prompt is for nonsapients OR companions, regardless of sapience status)!
You can commission art pieces for this if you want to!
Post your pieces on THIS THREAD, and list your and usernames as well as your Roothorne color choice!
  • +1 Ketixi Breeding
  • 1x Roothorne of Your Choice, sent to both your Chasmhome and Ketucari accounts Note: The Chasmhome version of the Roothorne only comes in one color, but can be reskinned.
We’d like more people to hear about Ketucari and Rixixi! If you could advertise our event here through a status, journal, poll, or other similar sort of thing, we’ll give you your choice of the following!:
  • 100 Gold & 100 Summer Pops
  • The ability to claim a Newbie Pack/Chasmhome’s Welcome Pack for a second time (make sure to link your comment here when claiming it as proof that you can claim again!)
  • +1 Ketixi Breeding
AND your choice of
  • Primal Crown Primary Horn Token
  • Cheek Frill Tertiary Horn Token
Post your pieces on THIS THREAD with the following form:
Advertisement link:
What rewards do you want?:
We have several pre-designed Ketixi looking for homes! To enter for one, please respond to the corresponding comment with an art entry meeting Ketucari’s minimum art requirements involving your Ketucari/Rixixi meeting the raffle Ketixi in some way! These can be used as activities for both Rixixi and Ketucari!
You can commission art pieces for this if you want to!
Enter your raffle pieces on each Ketixi’s thread! One entry per person per Ketixi, please!
Iron KX-01
Hellhound KX-02
Tres KX-03
Javert KX-04
Cait KX-05
Demoiselle KX-06
Pitaya KX-07
Technical Details
Ketixi are infertile and cannot breed. They can only be obtained in this event - they will not be able to be obtained via semicustoms, build changes, fogshards, or other methods.
Ketixi will be uploaded to both Chasmhome and Ketucari’s lorekeeper. These imports will have separate stats and some separate details, such as which companions will be uploaded to them, what items they can equip, and so on. The Chasmhome upload can be used on Chasmhome and uses items/quests/prompts native to that site, and Ketucari’s can be used on and uses Ketucari items/quests/prompts. Rolls of Ketixi can double-dip on both Ketucari and Chasmhome. Visual changes carry over to both uploads - if a Ketucari background is used, it will display on both Ketucari and Chasmhome. If an element is learned via Chasmhome and leveled up to the point that it can display, it can display on both Ketucari and Chasmhome. Similar things can double up - you can have an elemental blessing and display elemental radiation.
As a result of their double import, Ketixi need to be submitted to both design approvals. There is a Ketixi thread in Ketucari and Rixixi’s design approval - use two separate stash files, one with Ketucari’s import details and one with Rixixi’s, and drop these off in the individual threads.
Ketixi have a limited gene pool as well as several genes combined from both species. To exist on the Ketixi list, there must be a similar gene on both species. The full list is below!
You may use geno-editing items on your Ketixi, such as tokens, fogshard pieces, and statues. Tokens do not have a limit for Ketixi. If using a token/fogshard gene that was fused from two genes for Ketixi to make a new unique gene (eg. Sunny Ember), either the relevant fogshard or token will work. (a Sun Chrono fogshard, an Ember token). Supercharged Alchemy fogshards cannot trade the unique fused genes to a Rixixi, as they cannot be on regular Rixixi.
Mutations must be added by the designer, mutation bases will not be made for Ketixi. Mutations that exist in Rixixi and Ketucari can both pass on the same geno - double albinism is possible, for instance. Horns use Rixixi rules - they are fully customizable and can go anywhere on the head. You can use Ketucari bases for Ketixi horns if desired, but you will have to move them to make them fit.
If a Rixixi Fur Mutation passes, you will be asked what feather type you want it to be replaced by. This may change in the future if we run this event again and more Fur Mutations are released by then!
List of Ketixi Markings
Ketixi use Ketucari base coats, so as to allow modifiers and color genes! Rixixi parents are treated as if they have the ketucari Tint gene!
Counterparts are listed here - these are genes that will translate to the linked gene when breeding for Ketixi. This is so you can know every gene that works for Ketixi.
If a marking using Ketucari rules restricts to a limited list of markings, it uses this list for Ketixi: Cloak, Cowspots, Dapple, Dusky Points, Gecko, Hood, Labyrinthine Lacing, Labyrinthine Acid, Mojave Pastel, Mud, Raccoon, Pangare, Ripple, Sable, Spotting, Tabby, Tar Pit, Ticking, Washout, Windstorm, Xanadu
  • Accents (nAc/AcAc) (50%) (Counterpart: Hued Points & Plumage)
  • Bioluminescent (nLum/LumLum) (15%) (Counterpart: Radiance)
  • Cloak (nClk/ClkClk) (50%) (Counterpart: Mantle)
  • Cowspot (nCow/CowCow) (30%) (Counterpart: Koi)
  • Colorize (35%) (Counterpart: Glitter)
  • Daggerstabbed Burst (nDsb/DsbDsb) (50%) (Blood Burst or Daggerstabbed) uses the rules of Blood Burst, but can optionally change to the Ketixi’s blood color instead of red when relevant.
  • Dapple (Rixixi) (nDpl/DplDpl) (50%) (Counterpart: Ketucari Dapple)
  • Dun (Ketucari) (nDu/DuDu) (60%) (Counterpart: Rixixi Dun)
  • Dusky Points (nDskDsk) (50%) - Can be lighter than base on Ketixi (Counterpart: Points)
  • Eyespot (nEye/EyeEye) (30%) (Counterpart: Eye Rings)
  • Flourishing Display (nFld/FldFld) 65% (Display or Flourish) uses the rules of Display, but allows markings to be made on skin/nails/horns zones - markings must be made up of the Flourishing Display colors
  • Gecko (nGk/GkGk) (40%) (Counterpart: Clownfish)
  • Gradient (nGr/GrGr) (50%) (Counterpart: Bleaching & Intensify)
  • Groundbreaking (nGbk/GbkGbk) (50%) (Counterpart: Geode)
  • Hood (Rixixi) (nHd/HdHd) (50%) (Counterpart: Ketucari Hood)
  • Labyrinthine Lacing/Labyrinthine Acid/Mojave Pastel (nLlc/LlcLlc/Llc+Mm) (50%/Dom/20%) - (Lacing/Acid/Melanistic Pastel or Labyrinth or Mojave. Mojave Pastel only passes from Mel Pastel.) Labyrinthine Lacing increases the angular allowance of Lacing, can appear like the typical snake patterns and curved, dripping patterns typical of lacing but can also appear like geometric shapes and circuitry patterns. Labyrinthine Acid also increases the geometric shapes allowed in the marking, but is about as thick as the Acid marking typically is. Along with the snakes referenced in Acid's guide, you may also reference Arroyo and Mojave snakes for a more natural pattern. Mojave Pastel follows Melanistic Pastel's guide except for the aforementioned increase in geometric shape allowance!
  • Lampworked (nLwk/LwkLwk) (30%) (Counterpart: Topiary)
  • Lunar Vapor (nLv/LvLv) (15%) (Lunar or Vapor) uses Vapor’s rules, except that it allows any colors and any amount of colors.
  • Merle (Rixixi) (nMer/MerMer) (50%) (Counterpart: Ketucari Merle)
  • Mirror (nMir/MirMir) (30%) (Counterpart: Pale)
  • Monarch Glass (nMog/MogMog) (30%) (Monarch or Stained Glass) - This combination can either restrict to a single marking listed or present as segmented dark-rimmed markings allowing for unlimited colors covering up to 30% of the ketixi.
  • Moonspots (nMs/MsMs) (30%) (Counterpart: Fawn)
  • Mottling (nMtl/MtlMtl) (60%) (Counterpart: Snowflake)
  • Mud (nMd/MdMd) (50%) (Counterpart: Tan)
  • Painted Jovian (nPjv/PjvPjv) (25%) (Painted or Jovian) Uses Painted's rules, but must use three minimum shades of the base or marking it modifies, and at minimum one accent color! Can use hard or soft-edged bands, appearing like the painted hills or clouds on gas giants.
  • Pangare (Ketucari) (nPn/PnPn) (60%) (Counterpart: Rixixi Pangare)
  • Quail (nQu/QuQu) (50%) (Counterpart: Ringneck)
  • Raccoon (nRcc/RccRcc) (55%) (Strand or Procyonid) uses Strand’s rules but all rings can be twice as thick, and Procyonid’s eye mask can be used.
  • Ripple (nRip/RipRip) (50%) (Counterpart: Trailing)
  • Sable (nSb/SbSb) (Ketucari) (55%) (Counterpart: Rixixi Sable)
  • Scale Marks (nScm/ScmScm) (25%) (Counterpart: Scaled)
  • Shimmer (nSm/SmSm) (25%) (Counterpart: Iridescent)
  • Stamped (nSmp/SmpSmp) (50%) (Counterpart: Hexagon & Squared)
  • Spotting (nSt/StSt) (45%) (Counterpart: Inkblot)
  • Sulfur (nSfr/SfrSfr) (15%) (Counterpart: Inferno)
  • Sunny Ember (nSum/SumSum) (50%) (Sun or Ember) Uses Sun’s shape rules and range, but Ember’s color rules.
  • Tabby (nTab/TabTab) (30%) (Counterpart: Marbling & Striping & Barring)
  • Tar Pit (nTpt/TptTpt) (50%) (Counterpart: Unders (darker than base))
  • Tortoiseshell (nTrt/TrtTrt) (15%) (Counterpart: Somatic)
  • Ticking (nTk/TkTk) (50%) (Counterpart: Speckling)
  • Washout (nWt/WtWt) (60%) (Counterpart: Unders (lighter than base))
  • Webbing (nWb/WbWb) (35%) (Counterpart: Waterlight)
  • Windstorm (nWind/WindWind) (30%) (Counterpart: Overcast)
  • Xanadu (nXan/XanXan) (30%) (Counterpart: Ray)
Chasmhome-Specific News:
  • Pass rate percentages are now listed on the Genetics page due to being listed publicly here!
Ketucari-Specific News:
  • The Cloning Vat item has been added to Engineering! You can use this to change a semicustom into a “breeding” where you choose what genes come out, and more! Read about it here!
  • The Primal Crown primary horns and Cheek Frill tertiary horns have been added, based on Rixixi traits! These will be dispersed through this event, and in the usual 3 months, will be available through tokens and semicustoms!
  • Intersex has been added as an option for sex! Intersex Ketucari are infertile and cannot breed, however.

Mini-update: Crafting Additions!

Posted 4 months ago :: Last edited 4 months ago by pawstepsinthesnow

A variety of new legendary items have been added to give new options to some of our newer disciplines!

You can now obtain the codecies via the legacy store or legendary item swaps.

Our new items are:


Divine Wine - Can be used to resurrect cubs while on cooldown for resurrection, resetting the cooldown in the process.


EVA Toolkit - Allows your ketucari to adventure in any zones they don't have the skills for, though it doesn't give them any treasure chest rolls linked to skills they don't have.

Surgical Suite - Can change the sex of an uploaded ketucari.

Personal Radar - Renders a ketucari immune to KOs in a specific zone, specified on equipping.


Bottled Glamour - Allows for a number of odd and unnatural effects to be applied to one of a ketucari's genes, or even (with the sacrifice of the proper token) display a gene your ketucari doesn't actually have! It's pretty complex, so there's a miniguide for it:

Additionally, we have one new non-legendary crafting item, the Stoplight Stuffed Peppers (cooking). This can be applied to an unuploaded genotype during design approval to change the base coat family to one of your choice. The actual genotype string for your newly specified coat will be assigned by an admin.

We also now have a beginner tier armor set that can be crafted without an advanced armorsmith! It's called "cloth armor", and is meant to give folks starting out a leg up. As an added bonus to help compensate for its low armor value, it acts as either an infinite-use Energy Shield or infinite-use Night Vision Goggles for the equipped ketucari, depending on what's used to make it. Cloth armor made with bamboo and/or herbs allows access to Antikutan, and cloth armor made with glass allows access to the Gusting Caverns. 

As a side note, there's an event coming down the pipe (likely next month) with a heavy emphasis on breeding. If you've got any ketucari you want to get breedable before then, we reccomend starting work on it now! (Please get hyped or I'll cry :P)


Raid of Ilahaesa - Wrap-Up!

Posted 5 months ago :: Last edited 5 months ago by Anarchisme
Kalet has been brought down! Congratulations on an incredible raid! A 1-month KO-free period is now in effect over the Ilahaesa Mountains for all ketucari (updated from 1 week), and rewards are open for the raid!
Furious and Bastion are now a top 3 rather than only the top 1!
The Furious title for this raid has been awarded to:
IIIXKitsuneXIII 's Shri KT-2632, with 3424 damage dealt!
ZooofAlexandria 's Soul KT-1034, with 2892 damage dealt!
Anarchisme 's Ghostflowers KT-430, with 2473 damage dealt!
The Bastion title has been awarded to:
Anarchisme 's Ghostflowers KT-430, with 1601 damage tanked!
ASimpleMoon 's Stiles KT-2076, with 1085 damage tanked!
ZooofAlexandria 's Blitz KT-2610, with 883 damage tanked!
The Furious and Bastion LP and titles have been handed out to the winners! Over the next few days, we will be updating the armor of kets who participated in the raid in the import database and returning unused items to players' main hoard. Rewards are now open! Just follow the link below and fill out the form to have your raid rewards rolled! Please send the following form into Claims to redeem your raid rewards!
Please only post ONE ketucari per claim to make all the information easier for us to process! Thank you!
Proof of participation: (a minimum of either 3 sketch pieces and/or 3 100 word entries, OR at least 1 fully rendered (meets group requirements) piece of art or lit.)
Import Link:
Role: (Fighter/Medic/Support)
Rank: (Unranked/Renowned/Elder)
Pack Mate Bonus Roll: (Did you include a packmate in at least 2 raid pieces? Link them here!)
Damage Bonus Roll: Yes/No (Select "yes" if your ketucari dealt 750 or more damage - 3% of Kalet's total HP. This can be found in the raid database linked at the bottom of the raid journal)
Titles Earned: (Please include links to proof of titles)
If you met the criteria for a pack to claim territory from the raid, please follow the link below to claim it!

Click here to claim territory from the raid!

We have updated territory claims - if you are a pack leader claiming territory for your pack, please read this! You can now claim territory with one full piece, or three sketch pieces - both should depict at least two pack members (this can include your own). You can enter for multiple territory claims, however, you can only have one full territory claim per unique pack member, whether that's a full piece or three sketch pieces.

Thank you everyone for your amazing participation, and we're looking forward to the next raid!

Raid of Ilahaesa

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 5 months ago by Anarchisme
Ketu Kalet Banner Txt


Kalet's health: 0/25,000

Support tier: 3/3


Click here for the dA version of the update!

Congratulations to @☢ Anarchisme ☢ to being the latest recipient of the Party Killer title, for successfully landing a Doom!

Effective immediately, everyone has a hard deadline of June 15th, 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time, to get in the following: For full Raid Participation: 3 minimum raid requirement pieces (sketchs or 100+ words) OR 1 minimum group requirement (colored/greyscale with clear marking fullbodies or 500 (+100 per ketucari) + words)

For Pack Territory Claims: Any territory claim pieces they want for their packs (3 minimum req of your raiding pack member + a pack member that doesn't belong to you, or 1 full group minimum requirements of your raiding pack member + a pack member that doesn't belong to you) Plus whatever pieces you want to get in in the effort to get raid specific titles.

The 1 battle, 1 support per day limit is still in place.

Thank you everyone for your participation in the Raid, and we hope to see your continued participation in the Raid and the group! The Raid will officially Close and rewards will be handed out from the 16th onward.


The Ilahaesa Mountains' resources have been depleted, and Kalet has risen to defend her land! Does your ketucari have what it takes to help bring down the Guardian of the Ilahaesa Mountains? Be sure to read up on raids to see how to participate!


Raid Specifics and Reminders

Firstly, keep in mind this raid, like all raids, will last a maximum of 1 month! You are free to enter ketucari at any point in the raid. There is no signup deadline!

Regardless of Kalet's health, the raid will last for at least two weeks.

Since the raid boss has a set health this go around, there is a possibility that admins will adjust her health as needed. We will notify the group if so.


Boss Details




The boss we will be battling is the majestic Kalet! You can read more about her on her Pantheon page. Kalet's Attacks If you need some inspiration, you may depict Kalet using one of her special attacks against your ketucari!

What a Headache: Kalet disorients you with a swift smack to the head. Which way is up again?! Your dexterity has been lowered by half for the next attack!

Karma's Got Claws: Karma is usually about balance, but this time Kalet doesn’t care how good you are, your constant attacks have left her no choice but to show just what her claws can do!

Here Kitty Kitty: Kalet has had enough of your taunting, she pounces upon you with all her strength. That's gonna leave a mark!



  • Sexual content is not allowed for raid entries.

  • You may submit 1 raid piece for your fighters and medic per day for the first two weeks of the raid. If the raid extends beyond 2 weeks, the submission limit will be lifted and you can submit as many pieces as you like.

  • Literature entries must be at least 100 words and be centered around your ketucari engaging in the battle. The boss should play a role in the story.

  • Art entries, at minimum, should be loose, uncolored sketches with the hint of a background resembling the respective zone. They do not require shading. The boss must be at least 50% visible.

  • There is a maximum of 4 ketucari per piece. Collaborations are allowed.

  • To submit a piece, please use the Raid- Fighter or Raid- Medic prompts on the ketucari website for each ketucari in the piece.

  • A seperate submission needs to be made for each ketucari in the piece and they will each need a form from below attached with their actions, as well as a link to both their DA import and Ketucari site import.

For Fighters:

Import Link:


Skill 1/Potion Used:

Skill 2:

Skill 3:

If using a skill that allows for more than one attack, include your additional moves here should it land:

Skill 4:

Skill 5:

For Medics:

Import Link:


1st Ketucari Healed/Potion Used:

2nd Ketucari Healed/Potion Used:


Submitting support entries:

  • Each player may submit one support piece a day, and it must feature the same ketucari every time.

  • If you have multiple supports entered you can swap which support(s) is used or include them all, but they must be the same ones listed when signing up.

  • You must own the ketucari you use in the raid. No leasing is allowed.

  • You are allowed to enter one support ketucari if you have fighters/medics already participating in the raid. If you have no fighters/medics, you may participate with up to four support ketucari.

  • Support pieces can count as an adventure once the zone reopens as long as they meet adventure requirements.

  • Raid pieces may not be commissioned.




  • Sexual content is not allowed for raid entries.

  • Literature entries must be at least 100 words and be centered around your ketucari gathering resources (gathering food, healing herbs, wood, etc.) to help with the battle.

  • Art entries, at minimum, should be loose, uncolored sketches with the hint of a background resembling the respective zone. They do not require shading.

  • What your ketucari is doing is up to you! Are they collecting wood or herbs to assist the raid? Using magic to allow enhance or protect the fighters? Keep in mind however, that your ketucari should not be depicted battling the boss or healing the fighters (as that falls under fighter/medic participation), and it should be clear that your ketucari is supporting the raid. In other words, no showing off your magic in an empty field!

  • There is a maximum of 4 ketucari per piece. Collaborations are allowed.

To submit a piece, please use the Raid- Support prompt on the ketucari website for each ketucari in the piece. A seperate submission needs to be made for each ketucari in the piece and they will each need a link to both their DA import and import included.


See the Raid Info page for examples of the minimum requirements and the bonuses that can be gained by using shift forms in battle (You can click the sentence to go there)

Prize Pool

Accessory Set

Standard Kalet
Ryno Kalet
Danuoc Kalet Accessories



Vestige of Kalet

Other Items

Demonic Essence

Demonic Essence
Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Cunning to a custom potion.

Holy Essence

Holy Essence
Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Nobility to a custom potion.*

Divine Bone

Divine Bone
Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +200 Armor to a custom potion.*


Rarity Level: Legendary
On it's own, a piece can restore 100% armor to a ketucari.
Also used in Alchemy.*


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +40 Strength to a custom potion.


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +40 Dexterity to a custom potion.


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Luck to a custom potion.


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Perception to a custom potion.


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Willpower to a custom potion.


Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Alchemy.
A stack of 5 will add +20 Intellect to a custom potion.


Garonite Ore
Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in Armorsmithing.

Mutation Potion

Codex Page: Mutation Potion

Lucky Coin

Codex Page: Lucky Charm

Mythical Feather Wand

Codex Page: Mythical Feather Wand

Divine Heirloom

Codex Page: Divine Heirloom

Red Daras

Daras (Red Pictured)
Rarity Level: Legendary
Used in creating custom armor.
Comes in multiple colors.
Attributes differ by color:
Yellow +45 Luck
White +45 Perception
Blue +45 Intellect
Rose +45 Willpower
Black +45 Cunning
Purple +20 Nobility
Green +200 Armor
Red +90 Strength
Amber +90 Dexterity


Achievements and Titles

Party Killer - Ended a raid early with use of Doom - 15 LP
Unwitting Yarn Toy - Got hit with Here Kitty Kitty 2 times - 5 LP
Bastion - Most damage taken (and survived) - 10 LP
Furious - Dealt the most damage - 10 LP
The Pancake
- DG fell on you during a raid - 5 LP
Party Wiped
- Lost the raid - 5 LP
Buns of Steel - Support who helped reach tier 3 of the supports - 10 LP
Raider of Ilahaesa Mountains - Participated in the Raid of Ilahaesa as a fighter- 5 LP
Healer of Ilahaesa Mountains - Participated in the Raid of Ilahaesa as a medic- 5 LP
Ally of Ilahaesa Mountains - Participated in the Raid of Ilahaesa as a support- 5 LP
Godkiller - Participate in a successful raid - 5 LP



Though the raid can end even earlier if your ketucari are strong and tenacious enough, the boss must be downed by this date in order for the raid to be considered a success: 12 Midnight (Pacific Time) JULY 1, 2022



Click here to sign up!


Click here to view the raid database!

2022 Pride Month

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by IIIXKitsuneXIII
HELLO everybody! Welcome to our new annual event!
It's a small one but one that we hope everyone will enjoy. We are very much open to feedback, but wanted to start with something small and easy, especially since this year it happens to overlap with the Illahaesa Raid!
So this event is Very Simple:
Every player, for the month of June, gets a special additional breeding.
What makes this breeding special, aside from getting a 4th breeding this month?
Well the short version is this: It has a free built in Sun Disk and/or Lunar Amulet and Guard (unless you opt out of the guard).
ALSO, much like Matchmaker, it doesn't count against your ketucari's used slots!
This bonus slot can be used in splits (only counts toward's the Host's bonus slot). All you need to do to claim this bonus slot, is state in your breeding post that it is your Free Pride Month Bonus Slot.
In addition to this small event, please be sure to check out this month's Bounty on the front page of the group!

Ownership Update and WALOS Reminder!

Posted 7 months ago :: Last edited 7 months ago by ASimpleMoon
Hello everyone! Moon here with a little announcement, recently Tidesage came to me and informed me due to her real life obligations she is passing full ownership of Ketucari to me. I hope to carry on her legacy of this amazing group and continue to release amazing events and lore for you all, keep your eyes peeled for more dogs of war, more secrets being unveiled and more fun! My amazing team and I want nothing but the best for this group and I hope you all will continue to travel this journey with us!
Also a small reminder that WALOS ends 11:59PM PDT! Get your last minute shifts in everyone!