Claim (#3989) Approved

17 June 2022, 09:36:12 UTC (2 years ago)
21 June 2022, 04:35:12 UTC (2 years ago) by IIIXKitsuneXIII


Proof of participation:

Import Link: |
Role: Medic
Rank: Renowned
Pack Mate Bonus Roll: -
Damage Bonus Roll: No
Titles Earned:
Healer of Ilahaesa Mountains - 5LP

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Reward Amount
Divine Bone 1
Ambrosia 5
Codex Page: Mythical Feather Wand 1
Vestige of Kalet 1
Kalet's Fangs 1
Gold 101
Legacy Points 5



These items have been removed from the claimant's inventory and will be refunded if the request is rejected or consumed if it is approved.

Item Source Notes Quantity

ZooofAlexandria's Bank

Currency Quantity