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Armorsmithing is mostly a free-form crafting discipline as it has very few set recipes. Armorsmithing allows you to craft custom armor to suit your ketucari's needs. Armor helps your ketucari gain access to higher level zones and can increase their other statistics by using gems. Some nifty breeding and other gameplay items may also be found here!

Crafting requires a ketucari to be levelled up in order to access certain recipes. See how to do so here.
Each ketucari may have two Armorsmithing items in their inventory - and armor doesn't count!
Crafting requests must be made via our website. Visit the Site Guide and see crafting under the Prompt Submission section to see how.

Creating Custom Armor

To craft custom armor, you will need the following components:

1. A base material (ore)
2. A gem (at least one)
3.  Leather scraps

1. Your first step will be collect enough raw materials from activities to build the base for your armor! Leather scraps and copper can be found in beginner zones. Iron can be found in medium zones, while mithril is found in harsh zones. Garonite is only dropped by domain guardians and world bosses. For visuals, see the Ingredient Codex.
Base attributes are as follows:
• Cloth base (+150 Armor) - 10 herbs or bamboo OR 10 glass to craft (Craftable as a beginner tier item)
• Leather base (+300 Armor) - 15 Leather Scraps required to craft
• Copper (+450 Armor) - 20 Copper Ore required to craft
• Iron (+900 Armor) - 25 Iron Ore required to craft
• Mithril (+1300 Armor) - 25 Mithril Ore required to craft
• Garonite (+1700 Armor) - 20 Garonite Ore required to craft (legendary armorsmiths only)
2. Each armor build comes with one basic gem slot (of any tier). Like ores, gems can be found through Adventuring and Battles.  If you would like to add an additional gem slot to your armor build, you can purchase one in the Marketplace. You may have up to five total gem slots in your build. Gem types and attributes can be found in the Ingredient Codex. Heldyrite will drop from copper nodes, Naliem from iron nodes, Toresul from mithril nodes, and Daras can be found from raids and world boss fights.

3. Save your scraps! Each armor set, no matter the base material quality, requires 10 Leather Scraps to craft in order to make the straps. These will be deducted from your hoard along with everything else when you submit the crafting request. 

4. Once you have all of your ingredients together, submit your crafting request via our website (the link on how to do this can be found above).
There is no failure chance with crafting, so as soon as your request is processed the materials will be removed from your bank account and exchanged for the armor. You are free to then sell it or apply it to your ketucari via The Hoard. Once applied, armor is soulbound to that ketucari and will be destroyed if removed or swapped out for different armor.
Notes: Cloth base armor is a little different from higher-tier armor. Cloth armor has the extra bonus of allowing free access to EITHER Antikutan or the Gusting Cavern depending on the materials used to craft it. Herbs and bamboo (heavy draped cloth) for Antikutan, or Glass (Eye protection) for the Gusting Caverns. While cloth armor allows access to these zones, it does not qualify as an exploration skill and thus does not allow access to treasure chest rolls. When crafting cloth armor with a beginner armorsmith, only low-tier gem slots can be used. An advanced or legendary armorsmith is required for medium and high gem slots or legendary gem slots, respectively.


Other Craftables

In addition to creating custom armor, you can also use armorsmithing to create a few other items! 

These may be crafted by any ketucari!

Pet Collar

Materials Required: Leather Scrap x5
Use: Pet collars must be applied to a companion pet before it can be trained.

Copper Cage

Materials Required: Copper Ore x5
Use: Increases the chance of catching a pet through an Adventure or Battle by 5. Can only be used once. Stacks with forage/totems/bait.

Gem Dust

Materials Required: Any assortment of 5 gems
Use: When applied to a breeding, the resulting cubs have a chance to be born with small allotments of random stats.


These may be crafted by a ketucari who has advanced one crafting level!

Iron Cage

Materials Required: Iron Ore x5
Use: Increases the chance of catching a pet through an Adventure or Battle by 15. Can only be used once. Stacks with forage/totems/bait.

Mithril Cage

Materials Required: Mithril Ore x5
Use: Increases the chance of catching a pet through an Adventure or Battle by 25. Can only be used once. Stacks with forage/totems/bait.

Leather Pouch

Materials Required: 15 leather scraps, 5 small claws, 1 gem (any) 
Use: Increases number of wearable artifacts by 1.

Truth's Visage

Materials Required: 5 Mithril Ore, 5 of any harsh zone herbs, 3 offerings (link adventure/battle results containing offerings)
Use:  Can be used on an unuploaded geno to change the build of a ketucari.

Friendship Bracelet

Materials Required: 5 Iron Ore, 5 Any yellow gem
Use:   Grants an extra companion race character slot.

Crown of the False King

Materials Required: 5 Mithril Ore, 2 any black gem, 2 any red gem
Use:  Allows a non-elder ketucari to form a pack.

Common Token

Materials Required: 20  Copper Ore, 5 Iron Ore, 2 Heavy Bone
Use:  Can be used to apply one common gene a genotype/uploaded ketucari. Please specify the common gene when crafting!
Read more about tokens here!

Uncommon Token

Materials Required: 20  Iron Ore, 5 Mithril Ore, 2 Venom Extract
Use:  Can be used to apply one uncommon gene a genotype/uploaded ketucari. Please specify the uncommon gene when crafting!
Read more about tokens here!

Lunar Amulet

Materials Required: 1 blue gem, 1 white gem, 1 purple gem, five pieces of iron ore
Use: A mysterious and changeable amulet that allows a single breeding to be put in with a male ketucari as dam and a female ketucari as sire. Does not allow same-sex breedings. Consumed on use.

Jeweler's Pride

Materials Required: One gem slot of the same tier as the gem (jeweled okay), five ore of the same tier as the gem, three leather scraps, the gem to set in the gem slot.
Use: A piece of jewelry specifically crafted for ketucari, by ketucari. Occupies an armorsmithing item slot and allows for a single gem to be added without having to be set in armor. Optionally, when equipping, will substitute for one small trinket to add specifically a piece of jewelry to a ketucari's import.

Badge of Honor

Materials Required: Five of any ore, three of any gems, three small claws
Use: If applied to a winning battle, triples the laurel returns... but forfeits all item drops, including pets. Consumed after one use.

Scar Pack

Materials Required: 5x any ore, 5x any herb
Use: (Guidelines Here)
Allows you to add two small scars to your ketucari's import. 


These may only be crafted by ketucari who have reached Legendary Crafting!

Garonite Cage

Materials Required: Garonite Ore x5
Use: Increases the chance of catching a pet through an Adventure or Battle by 50. Can only be used once. Stacks with forage/totems/bait.

Bracer of Balance

Materials Required: Codex Page: Bracer of Balance, 3 garonite, 2 assorted legendary gems, 1 holy essence
Use: Can be applied to a ketucari to guarantee a minimum of 2 cubs in a split litter in all breeding using said ketucari.

Claw Sheaths

Materials Required: Codex Page: Claw Sheaths, 2 garonite, 2 demonic essence, 1 red daras
Use: Adds 40 attack power to basic physical attacks.

Scepter of Life

Materials Required: Codex Page: Scepter of Life, 2 garonite, 1 divine bone, 1 holy essence, 1 purple daras, 1 rose daras
Use: Allows an additional cub to be resurrected from a litter with more than one dead cub.

Foundling Amulet

Materials Required: Codex Page: Foundling Amulet, 2 garonite, 1 holy essence, 1 demonic essence, 1 divine bone
Use: Allows a player who already has a ketucari to adopt a cub from the Orphanage.

Lucky Charm

Materials Required: Codex Page: Lucky Charm, 1 garonite, 2 yellow daras, 2 black daras
Use: Erases one ancestor from the end of the lineage for breeding. (SSS, SSD, SDS, SDD, DSS, DSD, DDS, and DDD only)

Divine Heirloom

Materials Required: Codex Page: Divine Heirloom, 1 garonite, 2 amber daras, 1 holy essence
Use: Clears the revival penalty from a ressurrected cub.


Materials Required: 100 of any assorted armor-related crafting materials (if it is an ingredient in any above recipe or can be used in custom armor, it counts)
Use: When equipped to a legendary armorsmith, will provide a small chance to double the result of an armorsmithing recipe being crafted.