Designing: Caramel Bases

Created: 18 January 2022, 16:53:10 UTC
Last updated: 13 November 2023, 01:13:30 UTC


Genotype Code: nCml (heterozygous), CmlCml (homozygous)
Chance to Pass: 20%

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• The caramel gene gives a ruffusing effect to normal bases. Here are all the normal bases when affected by caramel.
If your ketucari has the caramel gene, be sure to use these palettes rather than the normal ones.

Unlike the Dun-causing modifiers, Caramel cannot cause a dorsal stripe. However it can instead cause a glass-like sheen along the top-line of the body, encompassing approximately the range of sable. Malani displays this design choice.
This sheen is best created by creating an overlay or screen layer in your art program, using a soft-edged brush or airbrush to put a swipe of a golden color along the topline of the ket, creating a new overlay or sheen layer over the first one, putting thin white lines where you want the highlights to be, and then very gently blurring them.
This sheen may cause slight hue-shifting but it shouild still be visibly clear what the base coat is.

Sheen Range

The sheen may only appear in the same range as sable

Interaction with Other Markings

• The sheen, if used, should go over all other markings.