Designing: Aura

Created: 3 March 2021, 03:28:24 UTC
Last updated: 3 October 2023, 03:50:46 UTC




Real Life Examples



  • Aura is a small-touch gene that causes a ketucari’s nails and any horns, as well as the skin to a lesser extent, to gain an oilslick-esque iridescent sheen.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, aura is denoted by “nAu” (heterozygous) or “AuAu” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, aura has a passrate of 50%. Homozygous aura has a passrate of 75%

Color and Range

Aura only appears on a ketucari’s nails and horns, and renders them colorfully iridescent similar to the reflective surface of metal-coated crystals (more commonly known as “aura quartz” or “aura amethyst”). The above is a maximum-intensity aura, and the sample below is a subtler one. Aura iridescense should be multicolored or even rainbow. 

In addition, aura may optionally affect visible skin to a much less vivid degree.

Aura may not alter the base color of horns or nails-- they still must follow proper color rules for those parts. However, the intensity of aura may be high enough to mostly or completely obscure its underlying color.

Interactions with Other Markings

  • Due to aura being structural iridescense rather than an alteration to a ketucari’s pigment, it can display normally even if a color mutation is present.
  • On white markings (including minimal white) or albino, aura can optionally alter the color of any area where skin shows through. It should remain pastel, but can be multi-toned to reflect the iridescence underneath.


  • The intensity of aura and color of reflections can vary between different affected parts.