Designing: Calacatta



Real life examples:


• Calacatta has characteristics of dominant white, sabino, and varnish roan in horses.
 In your ketucari's genotype, calacatta is denoted by the letters "nCl" (heterozygous) or "ClCl" (homozygous).
• In its heterozygous form, calacatta has a pass rate of 15%. Homozygous calacatta has a 40% pass rate.

Color and Shape

Calacatta must always be white.

Calacatta is like piebald, but the edges are heavily textured and may have random spotting akin to roan. 

Kamala 08 by Matriarchs-Haunt


At least 10% of the body should still have color.

Interaction with Other Markings

• Calacatta covers all markings and white markings.