Designing: Frill





Bullet; White Frill allows for the crest of the ketucari to be a different color than the base. If your ketucari has this gene, you may color their
crest any color.
Bullet; White In your ketucari's genotype, frill is denoted by the letters "nFr" (heterozygous) or "FrFr" (homozygous).
Bullet; White In its heterozygous form, frill has a pass rate of 50%. Homozygous frill has a 75% pass rate.



Frill can be any color, even vibrant colors. You may use up to two colors in frill.


Frill must only cover the ketucari's crest feathers. You may blend it subtly into the shorter neck feathers as seen on Rufio 02. Like all markings, frill must be immediately recognizable.

Maximum ranges for each feather type are as follows:

A7354a687ead03b942044ea97d517225 by Matriarchs-HauntB0f06d5428ab0e9affa2d0eebd60ed1d by Matriarchs-HauntF2ca53d79dd5078e55e1da8e6376f59a by Matriarchs-Haunt

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07c616ef92825380550ae8bc6328a7af by Matriarchs-Haunt

Interaction with Other Markings

Bullet; White All markings can be layered under or over frill.


Here are some small accents you can add to your designs to make them more unique!

• Frill may have a subtle gradient like below: