Designing: Glass

Created: 6 March 2021, 11:37:37 UTC
Last updated: 4 October 2023, 04:27:24 UTC





Glass by Matriarchs-Haunt

Bullet; White The glass gene creates a light overlay over the ketucari's body, creating a sheen similar to akhal teke horses.
Bullet; White In your ketucari's genotype, glass is denoted by the letters "nGs" (heterozygous) or "GsGs" (homozygous).
Bullet; White In its heterozygous form, glass has a pass rate of 25%. Homozygous glass has a 50% pass rate.


Color and Shape

The glass effect should be created by using white, or something close to it, and adding a sheen to the ketucari's coat. Unlike shimmer, glass does not have multiple colors as it does not create iridescence, only shine. The opacity of glass can vary. The base coat must be identifiable underneath.


Glass can cover any part of the body, but must be immediately recognizable.

Interaction with Other Markings

Bullet; White Glass covers all markings except white marks.
Bullet; White Glass may optionally cover white marks.