Designing: Haze





  • Haze creates a mix of amorphous patches and more defined swirls across the coat of a ketucari that can optionally fade into an accent color.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, haze is represented by “nHz” (heterozygous) or “HzHz” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, haze has a passrate of 35%. Homozygous Haze has a passrate of 60%

Color and Shape

Haze creates an amorphous soft-edged lightening or darkening of a ketucari’s coat, mixed with more defined swirls similar to those produced by Marbling. The marking can mix hard and soft edges, and layer over itself. Optionally, the soft areas can be textured like the example below.

Haze can optionally also fade into an accent color in part of its range-- this should not take up more than approximately 40% of the marking’s area. The accent color can be any color.

Haze’s main color can be either lighter or darker than the base coat. It can be pure black or pure white.



Haze can appear anywhere on the ketucari, and has no minimum. However, it must be visible on the design.


Interaction with Other Markings

  • All markings may be layered under or over Haze.
  • If a ketucari has both Haze and Ray, the markings may optionally combine to give Ray Haze’s darker/lighter color rules and accent color.
  • If Haze is affected by Vapor, Inferno, Colorize, or Morpho: the modifier affects only the main color of the marking and can still fade into an accent color. 
  • If a ketucari has both Haze and Dapple, the markings can combine to make a heavily textured version of Haze with small spots, similar to the effect of varnish roan (reference the colored areas rather than the white). This can still fade into an accent color.
  • Similar to Marbling, Haze can combine with Overcast to produce clouded leopard-style rosettes. These rosettes can be softer-edged and optionally include Haze’s color fade. 
  • If a ketucari has both Jovian and Haze, the markings can combine and produce an accent color that can be mixed into the colors used for jovian. However, no shades of the accent color can be used- all other colors must be shades of the base coat.



  • Haze may have a subtle gradient and fade into the base coat.