Designing: Lycaon





  • Lycaon is a dual-layered marking that looks like black paint has been thrown across the ket, followed by a second layer of white (or colors within the same “family”)
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, lycaon is denoted by “nLyc” (heterozygous) or “LycLyc” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, lycaon has a passrate of 15%. Homozygous lycaon has a passrate of 30%


Color and Shape

  • Lycaon is a hard-edged two layer marking. The first layer (the “Outline”) should be dark grey or black and scattered across the ketucari, covering at least 30% of, but no more than 50% of it. T
  • The second layer (the “Interior”) should be white or else another base coat within your chosen base-coat’s family. This layer should be placed on top of and within the Outline. It should at no point come into contact with the actual base coat. This Interior may cover up to 80% of the outline.
  • The result should resemble an African painted dog/Lycaon’s black and white markings.
  • If using a Non-white interior, you may only use a modified base such as Flaxen, Ocean, or Plum, if your ketucari has that in its genotype.


Color groupings

You may choose any basecoat within the grouping as long as it is restricted to the Interior

Please note that you may only use modified versions of the base coat if that modifier (such as flaxen or plum) is present on your geno.


Buff Family - Buff, White, Yellow, Luminary, Lilac, Ash, Violet, Amethyst

Bronze Family - Bronze, Cameo, Red, Blush, Rosewood, Lavender, Mulberry, Orchid

Brown Family - Brown, Taupe, Orange, Champagne, Stone, Opal, Blue, Glacier

Charcoal Family - Charcoal, Pewter, Olive, Mist, Green, Jade




Lycaon’s Outline can appear on any part of the body, but must be immediately recognizable. It may not cover more than 50% of the body.


Lycaon’s Outline spots should not be any smaller than the green patch below.

Lyacon’s Interior can appear only within the Outline, and may not “touch” the base coat.


Interaction With Other Markings

Lyacon displays over all other markings except White Marks

Lyacon’s Interior may be affected by Colorize to turn into any color.

Lyacon’s interior may be affected by Segment and/or Partial, to allow markings to display within the interior area of Lyacon.

Lycaon with Colorize, turning the interior green on a Flaxen Buff base

Lycaon with Segment or Partial on a Flaxen Buff base, displaying Flaxen Ash on the interior and displaying markings.



Here are some small accents you can add to your designs to make them more unique!



Real World Examples

(Image from Adobe Stock)