Designing: Monarch



Real Life Examples

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  • Monarch creates stained glass-like patches of color on a ketucari’s coat, resembling the pattern on the wings of a monarch butterfly.
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, monarch is represented by “nMon” (heterozygous) or “MonMon” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, monarch has a passrate of 30%. Homozygous monarch has a passrate of 55%

Color and Shape

Monarch creates clusters of rounded three or four-sided shapes, in a loose teardrop or elongated scale shape. While some stylization is permitted, they should not form complex shapes in a single spot. Optionally, these clusters can be ringed in a dark outline. If used, this outline should expand to fill the space between and join the shapes in a cluster, as shown in the example above. 

Monarch can be any color, and may have a gradient between two colors. 

The outline can be any color darker than the base coat, and may be pure black.

Dskyes by Matriarchs-Haunt 



Monarch can appear anywhere on the ketucari, and has no minimum. However, it must be visible on the design. It can cover no more than 50% of the body.

Monarch spots should not be longer or thicker than the spot above, and spots that size should not comprise the majority of the design. There is no minimum to monarch spots, however, they should be large enough for their shape to be recognizable.


While there is no maximum for the thickness of the outline, it should not be thicker than the shapes it is surrounding.

Interaction with Other Markings

  • All markings may be layered under or over Monarch.
  • When present with Moonspots, Moonspots may take a similar shape to Monarch spots and be ringed by the outline of a nearby cluster, as seen in the sample below.

  • When present with Eye Rings, the Eye Rings may be ringed by the same outline as a nearby cluster.

(Note that this example also shows Eye Rings layered over the Monarch spots and Eye Rings outside of Monarch clusters-- neither of those would be outlined.)

  • The outline may be affected by Pale.
  • Inferno and Vapor may be restricted to the Monarch spots only, not the outline.
  • Bleaching can cause the hue of Monarch spots to shift in affected areas, similar to Vivid base coats. 
  • The outline may be affected by Colorize. Outline color in this case must be distinct from spot colors.



  • Monarch may have a gradient, like the samples above. Additionally, the outline may have a subtle gradient and fade into the base coat.