Designing: Pale




Bullet; White Pale is a modifier that can effect certain genes. It allows the effected gene to become lighter than the base coat of the ketucari.
Bullet; WhiteIn your ketucari's genotype, pale is denoted by the letters "nPl" (heterozygous) or "PlPl" (homozygous).
Bullet; White In its heterozygous form, pale has a pass rate of 30%. Homozygous pale has a 55% pass rate.


Pale must be a lighter color of your chosen base, with a minor deviation in hue. It can also be a fully desaturated color of the base, as long as it is lighter. Pale may not be pure white.
Washoutyes by Matriarchs-Haunt 
These colors would be acceptable for this base color. They are either a lighter version of the base, or a lighter and desaturated version of the base. The last color on the right shows a minor deviation in hue, and is slightly more yellow than the base itself. Notice that this small change is not overbearing.

Washoutno by Matriarchs-Haunt
These colors would be unacceptable for pale. They are either darker than the base coat or have too drastic a hue shift.

Interaction with Other Genes

Pale is restricted by its affected gene. 
When designing 'pale striping', keep in mind the limits to the thickness of your striping. Pale striping should never resemble lightning piebald in its thickness and consistency.

Pale can alter the following genes:
Striping, barring, mantle, lace, koi, marble, acid, melanistic pastel, and strand.