Designing: Piebald




• Piebald is one of the most variable ketucari genes as far as available patterning. Piebald is when certain areas of the 
ketucari's skin are unable to produce pigment, resulting in white feathers and fur with patches of color throughout the body.  
 In your ketucari's genotype, piebald is denoted by the letters "nPbl" (heterozygous) or "PblPbl" (homozygous).
• In its heterozygous form, piebald has a pass rate of 30%. Homozygous piebald has a 55% pass rate.

Color and Shape

Piebald must always be white.

Piebald must resemble piebald on one of the following animals:
DOGS: Any piebald pattern >HERE< is acceptable with the exception of residual white/trim, minimal irish, ticking, and roaning.
TOBIANO HORSES: Tobiano white patterning found on horses is also acceptable.

Edges should not be heavily blended/blurred or textured.

Blackheart 04 by Umbrafen


Though piebald may be quite extensive, at least 10% of the body should still have color, and at least 30% of the body should be white.
Piebald ketucari may not be completely white with no trace of color.

Interaction with Other Markings

• Piebald may be paired with snow blanket, or cover it. Normal piebald is covered by calacatta, lightning piebald, overo, and leopard.