Designing: Plasma





  • Plasma is an irregular bright marking along the underside and/or back of the ketucari. It can present as a series of "diamonds" along the belly/back or a solid band lined with thick tendrils.
  • Plasma can be hard-edged or soft-edged
  • In your ketucari's genotype, plasma is denoted by the letters "nPla" (heterozygous) or "PlaPla" (homozygous).
  • In its heterozygous form, Plasma has a pass rate of 25%. Homozygous Plasma has a 50% pass rate.



Plasma can be any bright color. The only requirement is that, in ketucari who do not have the dilution, smokey, or flaxen genes, the color must be bright or highly saturated. 
Plasma may appear more diluted on dilute base coats.
Some real world examples of plasma can be seen on Bell’s false brook salamander and the Eastern Mud Snake/Red-bellied Mud Snake.

Some acceptable colors are:
Orange, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, violet, and white.
You may use up to two of these colors in your plasma.

Exclamation If using white, be sure that the marking does not look similar to minimal white. You can achieve this by making sure the marking
has the classic plasma shape.

Emberyes by Matriarchs-Haunt
These are examples of acceptable plasma colors, though you are not limited to this palette. These colors are vibrant and saturated, as plasma should be.

Ember No by Matriarchs-Haunt
These colors are too desaturated for plasma. The only time you have the option of making plasma this desaturated is if you ketucari has the dilute, smokey, or flaxen genes.

Shape wise, plasma often has a solid core with "tendrils" emanating from it like as seen below. As long as this basic shape is clearly discernible, you may make the edges soft as well. Alternatively it may present as a diamond pattern.


The blue areas below show the maximum spread of plasma, while green denotes the minimum. Please note the green is the minimum amount the marking should show on the ketucari. This does not have to be in the exact location of the green area. You may have plasma present only on the underbelly, only on the topline, or both if you'd like.

This ketucari shows a good example of using the maximum range of plasma:


• All markings can be layered under or over plasma.
• plasma can be influenced by vapor.
• If your ketucari has the vent or ember genes, you may connect ember with either of those



Here are some small accents you can add to your designs to make them more unique!

• Plasma may have a subtle gradient, like below:

• Plasma may have a slight glow