Designing: Punnett

Punnett Piebald



• Punnett is inspired by the patterning in giraffes. 
 In your ketucari's genotype, punnett is denoted by the letters "nPun" (heterozygous) or "PunPun " (homozygous).
• In its heterozygous form, Punnett has a pass rate of 15%. Homozygous overo has a 40% pass rate.

Color and Shape

Punnett Piebald must be white or an off-shade of white. Must never look grey or color saturated.
Edges may be slightly blurred but never heavily blended or textured.
It should looks like squarish-like spots of erased color on the ketucari.

The white alongside the squares may be as thick or thin as the examples below:
Max Thickness of White
 aPunnettPieb by Matriarchs-Haunt 
Min Thickness of White
aPunnettPieb2 by Matriarchs-Haunt


Punnett Piebald is knows to cover the whole body, but may cover as little as 15% of the body and leave the rest white.
Whole Body Coverage 
Partial Body Coverage (With White)

It's also knows to only cover part of the ketucari's body and leave the rest in color!
Partial Body Coverage (No White) 

Interaction with Other Genes

Punnett Piebald goes above all other genes.
When speckling is present alongside punnett, speckling can be restricted to punnett to create a 'ticking' effect.