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Bullet; White Shell resembles the saddle marking found on dogs, but appears in brown or tan colors. 
Bullet; White In your ketucari's genotype, shell is denoted by the letters "nSl" (heterozygous) or "SlSl" (homozygous).
Bullet; White In its heterozygous form, shell has a pass rate of 55%. Homozygous shell has a 80% pass rate.


Color and Shape

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Shell can be hard or have a slightly blended edge, but must not be so blended that it resembles sable. It may have slightly jagged edges, but must not be too irregular or tattoo-like. Jagged edges will always sweep toward the ketucari's hindquarters, while those on the shoulders and neck will follow the curve of the shoulders and neck.

Shell must be a brown or tan color. It doesn't have to be picked from any particular base color palettes. Admins will use their own discretion when determining if a color is too far removed from the brown/tan range.

Shell may have a line going through it along the ketucari's spine, where the base coat shows.
Below is the maximum width of this stripe.

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Range for shell. Blue is the maximum while green is the minimum. If using the minimum shell,
you may not have a thick stripe as is pictured above.

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Interaction with Other Markings

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Bullet; White All markings can be layered under or over shell.


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Here are some small accents you can add to your designs to make them more unique!

Bullet; White Shell may have a subtle gradient, like below:
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