Designing: Somatic

Created: 6 March 2021, 12:30:16 UTC
Last updated: 6 October 2023, 02:31:42 UTC




Bullet; White Somatic is a hard edged marking that creates patches, varying in color depending on the ketucari's genes.
Bullet; White In your ketucari's genotype, somatic is denoted by the letters "nSo" (heterozygous) or "SoSo" (homozygous).
Bullet; White In its heterozygous form, somatic has a pass rate of 25%. Homozygous somatic has a 50% pass rate.

Color and Shape

Somatic patches should have irregular edges. Be sure that it doesn't too closely resemble spotting. You may have a maximum of
3 patches on a ketucari. Somatic patches should be more jagged than those of koi patches. The patches may have small holes inside of them.

On ketucari who are bronze, brown, or buff, somatic creates brown or black patches on the coat.
Somatic1 by Matriarchs-Haunt

On ketucari who are charcoal, the somatic patches should be taken from the brown color palettes.
Somatic2 by Matriarchs-Haunt

On ketucari who are have color modifiers (tint, dilute, vivid, smokey, blended, or flaxen), the somatic patches should be the color that the
ketucari would be without the modifier. For example, if your ketucari is stone with somatic, the somatic patches would be brown. If the ketucari is olive, the somatic patches would be charcoal.


Gaura 283 by Matriarchs-Haunt


Somatic can appear anywhere on the body. It must be immediately noticeable in the design and cannot cover more than 50% of the body. Here is the minimum size for a somatic patch:

Koi Min by Matriarchs-Haunt

Interaction with Other Markings

Bullet; White All markings can be layered under or over somatic.


Here are some small accents you can add to your designs to make them more unique!

Bullet; White Somatic patches may have a subtle gradient like below:
Radames 301 by Matriarchs-Haunt