Designing: Stamped




Real Life Examples


  • Stamped creates clusters of simple, recognizable symbols on your ketucari’s coat..
  • In your ketucari’s genotype, stamped is represented by “nSmp” (heterozygous) or “SmpSmp” (homozygous)
  • In its heterozygous form, stamped has a passrate of 50%. Homozygous stamped has a passrate of 75%

Color and Shape

Stamps creates clusters of shapes across your ketucari’s coat. The shape chosen should remain consistent, though it can vary in size and rotation, and can have small amounts of natural variation. Shapes can appear either hollow (as an outline) or filled, and both variations can be used in the same design. 


The shape chosen should be a simple shape such as one you would see used as a repeated pattern in textiles or printed paper, such as stars (4 or 5 points), hearts, card suits, or simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and hexagons. 


A few examples of acceptable and unacceptable shapes, using a fleur de lis as a sample:

This fleur-de-lis would not be acceptable. While each portion could be accepted, the spacing at the bar makes each parse as a separate shape, and the small “bud” at the bottom of the middle is too distinct.

This fleur-de-lis should be taken as approximately the maximum complexity a shape can have. Note in comparison to the above, the side pieces are merged into the full shape, and the “bud” flows smoothly into the center.

Stamped can be any color lighter or darker than the base coat.



Since it can appear anywhere on the body, there is no range for stamped. It must be immediately noticeable in the design.



Interaction with Other Markings

  • Stamped can present over or under any marking. 
  • Stamped can be affected by Vapor, Inferno, Colorize, and Jovian.



When Lampworked and Stamped are present on the same geno, they can combine to create a marking resembling the patterns of millefiori glass-- small concentric shapes with Lampworked’s accent color present in some part of the shape. 

Millefiori doesn’t have to take a flower shape, but it needs to have radial symmetry and one or more concentric pieces.


  • Standard fade base coat line