Designing: Bottled Glamour

Instructions for use: 1. Open bottle. 2. Add token. 3. Recork and shake well. 4. Down the hatch!

When Applied With a Token: 
Bottled Glamour can be applied with a token to add the appearance of one gene only. This means that gene will be present on the ketucari's design, but will not show up on the genotype or phenotype and will not pass in breeding. Only one token can be applied this way per ketucari. To present a different marking, the Bottled Glamour must be removed and reapplied. (This item is soulbound once applied and will be destroyed if removed.) 
This option can be used even if the ketucari has too many genes to apply tokens or has already applied the maximum number of tokens, but does occupy one Alchemy equipment slot.
Additionally, the gene added can optionally present with one of the following "unusual" visual effects:

  • Marking can go up to 10% out of range, as if a Frostberry Pie has been applied.
  • Marking has a faint sheen, similar to a sheen modifier's effect but restricted to that marking 
  • Marking can use an analogous color to the base coat on darker or lighter than base markings, similar to Bleaching's hue shift on Vivid
  • Marking has textured edges if marking does not usually allow for texture (as long as the edge is still visible on hard edged markings or blended on soft)
  • Marking, if affected by Colorize, takes the dominant-only color rules (allows for any two colors)
  • Marking, if affected by dominant Colorize, can use up to three colors
  • Marking, if affected by Jovian, can use an accent color as if affected by Haze
  • Marking, if affected by Colorize, Segment, or Pale, can have a gradient between a modified color and a color following the marking's normal color rules.
  • Marking can have a halo (similar to Lacing's) or shadow effect
  • Marking can break normal layering rules, such as appearing over a white marking.
  • If the marking has different range rules when dominant, marking can use dominant range even when recessive.
If the gene being applied is a color gene (Tint, Vivid, or Dilute), color modifier (Smokey, Flaxen, etc.) or color mutation (Erythristic, Axanthic, etc.), the modified coat can only affect up to 50% of the ketucari as a soft-edged freeform marking similar in shape to Vapor or Inferno (without the visual effects listed above). If the gene being added is a color mutation, the effects of the color mutation are restricted to the area of the modified coat. For other modified base coats, base-coat dependent markings should pull their colors from the modified base coat in the area of the marking. Lintosi, Chimera, and Chromata cannot be applied with a Bottled Glamour.

When Applied Without a Token:
Bottled Glamour has a few additional functions that do not require a token to use. These options are mutually exclusive with the above. In order to use one of these options in addition to a token application, a new Bottled Glamour must be applied and the ketucari must have an open Alchemy equipment slot for it. 
On application without a token used, a Bottled Glamour can:
  • apply one of the above visual effects to a gene already present on the ketucari's genotype (this does not alter the ketucari's genotype)
  • When Chromata is present, cause one marking to be hidden as if a Tangy Salad was used on one Chromata form only (causing a marking to be present on one and hidden on the other)
On Any Application:
Optionally, regardless of which option used when applying, a Bottled Glamour can allow a ketucari's eye layer to be freely redrawn to have an unnaturally-shaped pupil or no pupil at all (without blindness). This can be applied in addition to any of the above effects.