Semi Customs and Wild Ketucari

A Term you'll see used in the group a lot is "Semi Custom".

Semi customs are special custom genos where the genes and gene combinations are selected by the Player and obtained through means other than Breeding. Semi-Customs are not free to make, and must be received either through gameplay or purchased from the group or an individual admin.

Do not ask admins if they're offering semi customs, if they do offer them they will advertise them.


Semi Customs

Gameplay Semi Customs
Unless stated otherwise, a Semi Custom obtained free through gameplay is limited to the following:
Buff, Bronze, Brown, or Charcoal base coat
-Up to 4 Common genes
-Up to 3 Common genes and 1 Uncommon gene

Players determine the sex of the Semi, but admins determine the exact genotype and basecoat string. A semi custom will NEVER have a homozygous marking, and will always have a litter gene of "Ww" or "wwh".
The uncommon gene can add an uncommon color modifier such as Tint or Smokey, or Raven. It could alternatively be used to add horns or any Uncommon gene except Acid (as Acid is just homozygous Lacing).
Admins will also determine what your ketucari's lineage is based on the genes you choose.

Free Semi Customs may be altered at player request. However, the Cloning Vat item may NOT be used on a pre-existing Semi-Custom.

If stated otherise on an event or reward journal, other gene configurations may be used. The most common alternat configuration is:
-Up to 1 Common and 1 Rare

Purchased Semi Customs

Purchased Semi Customs come from the rare Group Fundraisers, or individual admin sales. Unlike free gameplay ones, these can have more than 4 genes at conception!
The caveat is that each gene adds to the price of the semi custom, and most fundraisers have hard limits on how many of each tier of gene you can have. When a sale goes up, the limits will be listed there.
Admin customs may or may not have limits, depending on the admin and the sale and what they're offering. Admin-purchased semi customs may claim Acid and Melanistic Pastel. No other genes may be homozygous.


Wild Ketucari

Wild Ketucari are Free Ketucari who can be encountered with either the Charming Skill or the Endearing Display Lineage Skill or use of the Distress Beacon* item.
Wild Ketucari typically have no lineage, and vary wildly in value. They are completely random and so get some very interesting gene combinations.
When you find one, they will be marked in your ketucari's adventure or battle form like so:

They will also be found in your submission link.
Wild ketucari may have tokens added to them, Figures of Eirian and Verdani, and Dylana Statuettes, if they have genes of the proper rarity.
If they have one or more Rare gene (excluding Blue Inferno or Melanistic Pastel they will receive a singular starter in their lineage.

*If using the Distress Beacon item, you may instead of a Wild, choose to receive a "Wild Semi Custom" with the following Restrictions:
Buff, Bronze, Brown, or Charcoal base coat
-Up to 4 Common genes
-Up to 3 Common genes and 1 Uncommon gene
-Up to 2 Uncommon genes
-Up to 1 Common Gene and 1 Rare Gene


Cloning Vat

Now, what the heck is a Cloning Vat, how do you get one, and why should you get one?

The Cloning Vat is a Craftable Item over at Kenkasei's Hovel. You might be thinking that it's a bit resource heavy, you would be right!
That's because Cloning Vats are meant to be used on Semi-Customs.
Free ones
Wild Ketucari
Purchased customs
They do it all!

But what exactly do they do, give you two for the price of one?
Well, kind of.

Cloning Vats can be used to create custom lineages for your shiny new semi custom at the Sire/Dam line, essentially allowing you to make custom cubs for your breeding pairs.
The basics of Cloning Vats are as Follows:

  • Sets the lineage to specific parents
  • HALVES the cost of a semi custom in a Fundraiser/Group Sale, and the price of Admin Currency used to purchase the Semi Custom (does not guarantee the player pays less)
  • The specified parents Must be breedble
  • At least one parent MUST be owned by the player using the Cloning Vat at the time of use
  • Other parent may be a Starter, another ketucari owned by you, or another ketucari owned by another player. Starter and Other Player ketucari require permission.
  • At this time, no actual breeding slots are used.
  • Genes are now limited to those present on the parents.
    -Limited gene swaps are permitted: 1 Dylana Statuette, 2 Figures of Verdani, 2 Figures of Eiran, Banshee's Confit--but no Ancestor's Blessings or Feather Wands
    -Acid and Melanistic Pastel can be applied if both parents have Lacing, Acid, or Melanistic Pastel
  • Base Coat is not limited to what the parents' ee/ss/kk string can create. It IS limited to what base coat modifiers and mutations can be created by the parents.
  • Are not limited to builds, except for the usual 3 month cooldowns on new builds.

More specific details depend on what type of Semi Custom you are applying the Vat to:

Cloning Vat+Free Semi Customs:

When used on a Free Semi Custom, the Cloning Vat increases the gene limits to the following configurations.

  • Up to 7 Common Genes
  • Up to 4 Common Genes, 2 Uncommon
  • Up to 2 Commons, 2 Uncommons, 1 Rare
  • Up to 2 Rares

All genes must be present on the parents. You are not required to use all of them.

Cloning Vat+Purchased Semi Customs:

When used on a PURCHASED Semi Custom, the Cloning Vat has the following effects:

  • Removes Add-On limits
  • Halves the Cost of a semi custom at either point of sale (purchased from group) or for the admin purchasing the semi custom (admin currency).
Cloning Vat+Distress Beacon ("Wild Semi Customs")

Cloning Vats may be used on the Wild Semi Custom with the same limits found under "Cloning Vat+Free Semi Customs".


VELUChASM Cloning Vat

As of the second annual Veluchasm Festival, you can now apply Cloning Vats to ketixi!
Sort of. Make sure to check the festival pages themselves each year to confirm when and where the vats are available.

Veluchasm Festival Cloning Vats have different rules and limits from regular cloning vats.
For one, they don't take an item, they're an optional way to claim one of the Ketixi Semi-Customs from the festival. For two they're much Much less restrictive than regular vats.


Veluchasm Vats have the following permissions.

  • You do NOT need to own one of the parents. Two starters may be used, or you can get a special Cloning Vat Allowed permission from the owners of the ketucari and rixixi repsectively. Please be sure that the pair is acceptable to CV, as respect to the owners of the characters.
  • Unlike Free Ketucari SC's using CVs, there is NO Limit to the number of genes you can pull from the parents.
  • Gene swaps are greatly expanded, details below.
  • In keeping with ketixi having 0 limits on how many genes they can have, they are no longer limited to the max number of genes the parents can pass, and unlimited Tokens or Fogshards can be used on the resulting geno.
Ketixi Cloning Vat Gene Swaps

Ketixi born through the cloning vat have different limits on gene trading than standard ketucari. They are as follows.

  • Unlimited common swaps
  • 4 Uncommon MARKING swaps
  • 4 Uncommon MUTATION swaps
  • 2 Rare Marking Swaps
  • Combination Mutations (such as Wings) take two uncommon swap items But only count for One Uncommon Mutation swap.
  • Genes/Mutations added via Token/Fogshard may be freely swapped.