Scouting is a sub-category of adventures that focuses on the environment!


Stats Utilized: Perception and Intellect
Items Found: Herbs, cooking items, artifacts, engineering items, gold.
Scouting is similar to a venture, but with a focus on the environment. The ketucari can be depicted doing any sort of task in the environment, but a large focus must be given to the background. The background should be the focus of the piece over the ketucari in most instances, or at least a major part of the piece that catches the eye!


The background requirements in Minimum Art Requirements are not accurate for Scouting! You'll need the following, minimum, for art:

  • Two points of interest - that is, two large set pieces that establish location. Some examples of this include two large stone pillars in the Singing Vale, or a mountain in the background with a wagon in the fore- or mid-ground.
  • At least four smaller details - Rocks, plants, smaller clouds, bushes, and the like!
  • OPTIONAL BUT USEFUL: A small background event, such as a merchant and customer arguing (silhouettes or defined both work), local fauna sitting on a fence or rock, a small rockslide, etc. This is not required for scouting pieces, it can just help to make a scene more dynamic.

And the following, minimum, for literature:

  • Describe at least 3 of your ketucari's senses in relation to the environment - how does it smell, what does the ground feel like, what do they hear, etc?
  • NOT QUITE MANDATORY BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Describe the weather - the heat or cold, the humidity or dryness, the precipitation or lack thereof, cloud cover, and so on. This can be exchanged for other environmental descriptors.
  • NOT QUITE MANDATORY BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Attention to set piece - Instead of describing the weather, your ketucari could describe a specific altar, building, grove, etc that they've found in extensive detail.
  • OPTIONAL BUT USEFUL: How does your ketucari feel about it?

Treasure Maps

Your map points to something interesting in the corresponding subzone. Portray your ketucari following the map or searching for treasure in the specified subzone. In either art or literature, the background or surrounding environment should have the focus!

Scouting has a chance to bring back Treasure Maps leading to a random subzone in the zone that you were exploring. If you include this item in a Scouting piece that depicts that specific subzone and follow the above prompt, you will receive a Scouting Crate with a large loot payout and a chance at legendary materials!

Some additional ideas for inspiration:

  • What does your Ketucari hope to find? Is it the same as what they actually find?
  • What obstacles do they face on the way? Hostile fauna, treacherous terrain, etc.
  • What other interesting things do they find on the way? Interesting plants, cool rocks, a nice bug, prey... Or maybe company?
  • Is the treasure still there? Has someone beaten them to it? Or if not, what's kept it hidden?