Submitting Your Ketucari

Created: 5 October 2020, 11:34:18 UTC
Last updated: 1 December 2023, 06:34:36 UTC

Submitting Your Ketucari

Before you can participate in the group, you will need a ketucari of your very own. If you have bought/been gifted an existing ketucari from another member, you may skip this step! But if you're starting out with a genotype, follow the steps below to get started in the group!

Step One: Design your genotype

What's a genotype, you ask? It is your ketucari's genetic code, which has all the information on which genes they carry! When you receive a genotype (sometimes referred to as a "geno"), it will look something like this:

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The phenotype translates the genotype into plain language, allowing you to see what base color and markings your ketucari expresses. These cannot be changed, neither can sex or feather type, which are rolled for by RNG (random number generator) in litters.

You will need to download one of the bases on which to design your genotype. It is recommended that you use either Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai for these bases. Be sure to pick the appropriate base for your geno's feather type. You can find all of the bases here:…

With this information on what your ketucari should look like, you can refer to the design guidelines to make them a reality: Design Guides

If you cannot design your ketucari yourself, you are free to make a journal asking for help. Submit your journal to the appropriate folder in the group and a kind member may assist you!

Please keep designs free of Trinkets and/or Tattoos while submitting designs for consideration! These may be applied after upload, via the Apply an Item Thread, but not before.

Step Two: Information Template

Once you have your ketucari designing, upload them to your Do not submit them to your gallery and do not link them from someone else's! 

In the description of the file, copy and paste this template and be sure to fill it out correctly. Make sure the formatting is correct (leave everything bolded that is supposed to be bolded) and remove all writing that is in italics. Do not add or remove any fields to this template.

Leave blank

Site Link: Leave blank

SexYour ketucari's sex as stated in the genotype
GenotypeYour ketucari's genotype
PhenotypeYour ketucari's phenotype
Feather TypeYour ketucari's feather type
Build: Your ketucari's build (Standard/Ryno/Danuoc/Garoch)
Horn Type: Your ketucari's horn type
• Primary:
    • Secondary:
    • Tertiary:

AncestryLink sire and dam from the Ketucari website. If your ketucari has a custom lineage, be sure to write those in under the appropriate denotation (DS, SSD, etc.)

Step Three: Submitting

The final step will be to submit your ketucari's design and information for approval. This can be done by visiting the Ketucari Group Page and clicking the "Design Approval" link. You will be directed as to how go about submitting your design from there! If your design is approved, it will be uploaded to the group gallery and you will be free to participate in the group!