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7 November 2021, 06:06:06 UTC (9 months ago)
12 December 2021, 02:19:57 UTC (8 months ago) by Anarchisme

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Zone: Ilahaesa Mountains
Difficulty: high
Sub-Category: prospecting
Other Bonuses: keen sight (chest roll in Ilahaesa)
Permission to Revive: Yes

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Reward Amount
Dylana Statuette Piece 3/10 1
Timeworn Skull Pc. 3/10 2
Dylana Statuette Piece 7/10 1
Semiconductor 3
Bearing 1
Energy Core 1
Capacitor 3
Mithril Ore 13
Yellow Toresul 2
Rose Toresul 1
Medium Treasure Chest 1
Gold 7



These items have been removed from the submitter's inventory and will be refunded if the request is rejected or consumed if it is approved.

Item Source Notes Quantity

Noirmori's Bank

Currency Quantity