Site Update! Comments and Exalted Levels!

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by IIIXKitsuneXIII

Hello Everyone! You may have noticed a brief period of downtime and been forcibly logged out of the site earlier today (November 5th, 2021)
We have done some updates to Lorekeeper!

At the first opportunity, please go into "Settings" on your account and add a birthday. This is for security purposes!

Included in these we now have the following!
-Comments on submissions, so that we can stop sending you back to corrections for broken links and other form errors!
-An Expanded bonding bar!

And with the expanded bonding bar we have Another update!

Exalted Leveling and Rewards

Exalted Levels are very similar to Bonding levels, and in fact are an expansion on the system! Exalted levels are unlocked when your ketucari reaches Bonding Level 10 and becomes an Elder. You cannot claim Exalted levels before that point.
Exalted levels will be expanded as time goes on and ketucari receive more and more art.
Increasing your Exalted bar level is simple: just use your ketucari in the group! For every five pieces related to group activities in which the ketucari is featured, the bond bar will fill in one bullet/level.
And with Exalted levels being live, so too is the Rare Token Claim for Bonding Level 10!
The Rare token claim Is Retroactive and we will be allowing a grace period to allow existing level 10 bonding ketucari to claim their tokens. We will be monitoring these claims for abuse and if necessary may limit those claims to One per player per month.
Rare Gene Tokens Do NOT include Feather types.
Please look at the bonding journal for more information: