November Spotlight

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Across the land of Velukaelo, celebrities are common. Ketucari and two-leggers alike slip in and out of the spotlight as easily as breathing. 15 minutes of fame, a lifetime of satisfaction. One ketucari however, has made it clear that she is searching for the next big thing.


Will it be you?

How Spotlights work:


Spotlights are reserved for artists and writers who show improvement and effort in their works. Every month or so, admins will scour the art of Ketucari users for Tashtai, searching for an artist or art that catches their attention for improvement. Tashtai will then pick one out if the set and show it off for everyone to see, featuring several of their works!

We will also feature several Quality Roll pieces as well! These will be one piece per artist, but all are incredibly impressive.

Remember that this is judged against your own gallery and skill level. If you're a beginner, you will not be passed over for a quality roll because your art isn't of the same caliber as someone who has been drawing for 10+ years. This would be unfair and that is not our goal! However, we do require that the effort be noticeable as we do not want players abusing this feature. We will be considering things such as anatomy, background quality, and posing for art, and story flow and creativity for literature. We will be lenient with grammar and spelling for those for whom English is not their first language, so don't fret if that's the case!

Artworks featured in Spotlights will be awarded with a Quality Roll.


Quality Rolls

  Quality Rolls on Lorekeeper are somewhat different than their previous incarnations! All Quality Rolls - Spotlights and otherwise - will be granted a chest called Tashtai's Crate, stocked with many various goods from across Velukaelo!

Keep in mind, however, that as it takes time for players to improve, quality rolls are rare events and will typically be awarded once every six months, per artist at max.

Have a suggestion for a spotlight? Note MAtriarchs-Haunt with the player, a few of their pieces, and why you think they should be featured!

Current Spotlight

Tashtai seems to have found someone to her liking and she would like to share them with you! Tashtai, would you like to take the floor?

“Thank you. And thank all of you for coming to this spotlight gallery today. I believe I have found this week’s new celebrity. They have put a lot of effort into improving themselves and I’d like to give them a moment of fame.” The buff ketucari steps back and pulls a cord, lifting the curtains from a stunning work.

"IIIXKitsuneXIII has been consistently improving and creating beautiful work for a long while - you've probably seen xir works around! Xe has consistently made stunning works and experimented with different styles to produce amazing pieces. Kitsu also is a fantastic writer, and xir pieces tell amazing stories, whether through literature or visual art.

In their work we see improvement/interest in many areas:

Details: Whether writing or drawing, IIIXKitsuneXIII shows great attention to detail. Many visual pieces show exceptional backgrounds with just enough detail not to be distracting, but still be incredibly eye-catching. Lit pieces are incredibly descriptive about how the characters are feeling and the location they're in. Kitsu's pieces are always a treat for the eye and imagination.

Stylization: Many of IIIXKitsuneXIII's pieces are forays into various styles, and all of them are impressive! It's always attention-grabbing when Kitsu tries something new, and often comes out amazing. Some of the additional examples below show these various styles!

Color and lighting: IIIXKitsuneXIII displays wonderful use of color in xir pieces. Both ketucari and backgrounds are a treat to look at, and lighting is wonderful. Light reflects off of solid objects and ketucari beautifully, and texture is often visible in shading.

I have  decorated the gallery with a few others works done by IIIXKitsuneXIII. Make sure to check out their gallery as well! I am sure you will find a favorite just like I have!"

Literature: Shelter from the Storm

"The wind howled over the lake, crashing its waves against the shore, dispersing the titular mist that normally blanketed the normally ocean-blue waters. The trees snapped and cracked against each other, groaning, screaming protests into the oncoming storm. A massive ryno struggled against the wind, grateful that at least the rain had yet to reach the lake. He pushed through the shelter of a bush and towering fir, shuddering as the wind snatched his fur and yanked back on it. Not to mention the niggling pain between his shoulders… he needed to get to the shore, just get to the path where he… he could regroup there. His family and vassals-- they’d know where to look, certainly?"


Current Quality Roll Feature

The rest of the gallery features various artists' pieces on display, including:

Aftermath, by Chaccra
This is an amazing and dramatic piece - it tells so much in the composition and emotion, and the texture work is amazing!

A Royal Battle, by Noirmori
The limited palette work here is great! All of the kets look amazing in this purple sheen.

You can not have him! by JFJL
The limited use of color in this really makes it stand out, and the detail in this is amazing!

Park Cuddles, by pawstepsinthesnow
The stylization in this is lovely! The texture on the ketucari came out excellent, and the general aesthetic is wonderful.

We'll see you in December with the next feature! Thank you for making so much lovely art for us to enjoy!