SITE ERROR: Character transfers bugged [RESOLVED]

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by IIIXKitsuneXIII

Earlier today we discovered an error in character transfers: that is to say that for some reason character transfers are showing up for people Not their intended recipient. We don't yet know what's causing this. However, if you have transferred a character in the last week and it went to the Wrong Person, please let us know ASAP so we can make a manual transfer to the Intended recipient.

We will update you all as Soon as possible about the cause of the error and when we get it fixed. We can confirm that if a transfer is intended for you you will get a notification.
We are so so sorry for the confusion this may have caused. We know at least one character that may have accidentally gone to an admin instead of the intended recipient, which will be remedied as soon as we confirm who the intended recipient of the character was.

All affected characters should now be back in pending, or their transfers fixed so they're with their intended recipient.

Draginraptor has provided the following explanation for what happened:
- It should have only affected active transfers (i.e. transfers that were active before the site update, and new transfers that were made).
- There's a piece of code that updates the details of users involved in transfers whenever a page related to a user is visited (e.g. user profile). Unfortunately there was one specific section that was not updated to be in line with the recent update.
- This old code checked user aliases from the old system to update transfer users in case someone who was originally offsite joined while the transfer was still active. However, after the update, aliases from the old system were cleared after the new system was put in place, so the code would errorneously match NULL aliases from users to NULL aliases in the transfers.



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