UPCOMING RAIDS! (And other events)

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Hello everyone!
Been a while since we had a news update on deviantart, which we're sorry about. Most news is posted over on ketucari.com given that we cannot post journals directly to the group anymore (thanks Eclipse), but this one's important!
Why is it important? Because for the first time in over two years, we're gonna have some Raids! Yes you read that right. Raids! Plural! The last raid we had was in 2020!
Effective Immediately, Antikutan and the Illahaesa Mountains are closed and will be inaccessible until the end of their respective raids.
This will also be our launch and test run of Starter Rentals for anyone who doesn't have a Raid team available and ready to them.
Coming up first, starting March 1st (EST), is a grudge match against Guro, the Antikutan Raid! You'll soon see a journal pop up soon to declare your raid team.
After that is April, and What a Load of Shift! To prevent burnout, we will be leaving April to just WaLoS, and then May will be a break month.
This means that the Illahaesa Mountains against Kalet will be raided in June.
Thank you to everyone who made these raids possible! That said we do have several Titles to hand out!
Private Universe - https://ketucari.com/character/KT-2623 owned by IIIXKitsuneXIII
Chasm - https://ketucari.com/character/KT-2451 owned by Anarchisme
and Ghost Nation - https://ketucari.com/character/KT-1596 also owned by Anarchisme!
These three ketucari are eligible to claim the Harbinger Title!
A successful bundle
Vootru - https://www.ketucari.com/character/KT-2122 owned by @BlackTiger128
Rapture - https://www.ketucari.com/character/KT-1880 also owned by @BlackTiger128
Neve - https://ketucari.com/character/KT-2043 who is Also owned by IIIXKitsuneXIII
and Nightingale's Cry - https://ketucari.com/character/KT-1142 who is yet again owned by IIIXKitsuneXIII
Three of these ketucari (Vootru, Rapture, and Neve) are eligible to claim the Harbinger Title! Nightingale's Cry is not eligible given that they already have it!

Raid Specifics and Reminders

With this being the first raid we've done in a while we have a few reminders:
  • Firstly, keep in mind this raid, like all raids, will last a maximum of 1 month! You are free to enter ketucari at any point in the raid. There is no signup deadline!
  • Regardless of the domain guardian's health, the raid will last for at least one week.
  • Since the raid boss has a set health this go around, there is a possibility that admins will adjust their max and total health as needed to prevent while we figure out the correct number. We will notify the group if so.
  • New to this raid, all pieces need to be submitted through prompts on ketucari.com which will necessitate every participant having an account on the site. Raid pieces will still need to be submitted to the group if possible.
  • Raid pieces can be used for Bonding, but must meet group minimum requirements to count for themes. If you are including more than 4 ketucari in a literature piece for themes, this means you will need 800+ words per Raid piece to get a theme for everyone.

Raid Entry Requirement and Raiding Process Reminders

Further reminders:
  • There are three types of Raid Roles: Fighter, Medic, and Support. A Raid Party can consist of 1-3 Fighters and a Medic (+1 Support), 1-4 Fighters (+1 Support), or up to 4 Supports.
  • In order for your ketucari to join a Raid Party they must be at full health (i.e. 50/50) and have at least one attack skill (for a Fighter), or Cauterize (for a Medic).
  • Medics cannot attack, they can only use Cauterize twice per turn.
  • Fighters get 3 to 5 attacks per turn, just like in a regular battle.
  • Supports don't do or take damage, and receive fewer rewards, but each support tier increases the power of everyone's Raid team!
  • Raid piece minimum requirements are: colored (or color-coded) sketches showing the zone, the attacking guardian, and all members of the player's raid team. It takes 3 of these piece to "count" as having participated in the raid. Alternatively you may submit 1 fully finished piece (group minimum requirements) instead.
  • Packs can gain territory from Raids!
  • Shift forms gain various bonuses if used!
  • Winter's Breath and Strategic Planning may be used Once Total per Raid! Their bonuses will apply to all participants in the raid.


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