2022 Pride Month

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by IIIXKitsuneXIII
HELLO everybody! Welcome to our new annual event!
It's a small one but one that we hope everyone will enjoy. We are very much open to feedback, but wanted to start with something small and easy, especially since this year it happens to overlap with the Illahaesa Raid!
So this event is Very Simple:
Every player, for the month of June, gets a special additional breeding.
What makes this breeding special, aside from getting a 4th breeding this month?
Well the short version is this: It has a free built in Sun Disk and/or Lunar Amulet and Guard (unless you opt out of the guard).
ALSO, much like Matchmaker, it doesn't count against your ketucari's used slots!
This bonus slot can be used in splits (only counts toward's the Host's bonus slot). All you need to do to claim this bonus slot, is state in your breeding post that it is your Free Pride Month Bonus Slot.
In addition to this small event, please be sure to check out this month's Bounty on the front page of the group!


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