Matchmaking 2021

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Matchmaking 2020

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Welcome to our February Matchmaking Event! In recognition of Valentines day, we will be doing randomly paired litters with your ketucari, which will give each of you a surprise cub! You will have from February 1 - February 14 to submit your ketucari to the breeding pool. The event will close after two weeks and admins will use RNG to pair the ketucari and roll your litters! The litters will be rolled within the next two days after. The final day to submit a ketucari for this event is February 14th at 11:59 PM EST

Let the pairing begin!

How to Participate

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Reply to the comment below with a link to a doodle, blurb (300 words) or collabed entry of one of your ketucari going on a date with another (If you use someone else's ketucari for the second, please check with them first!!), preparing alone for a date, or showing some other form of romantic love. IF you don't have anyone to ship your ketucari with or don't see your ketucari as the romantic kind we have a few starter pairs you can doodle instead!
Then include a link to one of your ketucari to be used in the event! It does not have to be one of the ketucari depicted in your work.
Your ketucari will be randomly paired with another member's entered ketucari and you will both receive a surprise litter with a set of identical twins, one for each of the parent ketucari's owners. After your litter is posted, you are free to do what you want with the cubs like any other litter.

Ketucari Breeding Requirements

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:bulletblue: You may only submit ONE ketucari.
:bulletblue: The ketucari must belong to you.
:bulletblue: The ketucari that you enter in this event must have their breeding eligibility confirmed BEFORE entry.
:bulletblue:  Ketucari will not be paired with a match that results in inbreeding. That being said, no inbred ketucari are allowed.
:bulletblue:  Any ketucari who do not receive a match among the entered ketucari will be paired with a randomly rolled starter ketucari or magically 'disked' to create a litter.
:bulletblue: This will NOT count against your monthly limit of breedings or your ketucari's breeding slots.
:bulletblue: These litters cannot have items added.
:bulletblue:Cubs from these litters will not be subject to matriarch killings.
:bulletblue: Cubs from these litters may be sold, traded, gifted, etc. as you please.

Entry Requirements

:bulletblue: Solo entries are not required to be colored or contain a background. These submissions may be headshots!
:bulletblue: Collabed entries MUST be at least two colored fullbodies. They do not need to meet adventure requirements.
:bulletblue: Collabed writings must be at least the length of an adventure for as many ketucari as are depicted in it (600 words minimum for two ketucari)
:bulletblue: If works follow all guidelines for adventures or other group activities they may be used for those activities.
:bulletblue: All entries may be used for Bonding, however only works that follow guidelines for other group activities may be used for Themes.
:bulletblue: All works must have been uploaded after 2/1/21

Bonus Raffle

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:bulletblue: All people who make an entry will also be entered in a bonus raffle (you may opt out by saying so in your comment)
:bulletblue: The winners of the raffle will win a Sun Disk
:bulletblue: Three Sun Disks total will be raffled off
:bulletblue: The raffle will be rolled on February 15th, after all entries have been turned in
:bulletblue: Winning a sun disk will not affect the cub you receive or pairing in the main part of the event

Ketucari Raffle

Optionally there is second Raffle for a Mysterious Ketucari with a new Lineage Skill!
Cupid will be raffled off in a "Draw to Adopt" fashion. Entries must be full bodied and colored. Literature entries should be 300 words.
Cupid entries can be included in your Matchmaker entries.
:bulletblue: This raffle superscedes the Sun Disk raffle, you cannot win both Cupid and a Sun Disk.
:bulletblue:If Cupid is not made breedalbe/adequately bred within three months a Starter with the same lineage skill will be released.
:bulletblue: Cupid cannot be redesigned. (However, they are eligible for a token application and may have trinkets, elemental blessings, or accessories added. Please contact IIIXKitsuneXIII if you need Cupid's .psd)
:bulletblue: If you decide you no longer want Cupid or intend to leave the group, you may not Decease their import. You are welcome to return them to the group, or gift or trade them to someone else, or simply keep the import.
:bulletblue: The raffle will be rolled on February 15th, after all entries have been turned in
:bulletblue: Winning a Cupid will not affect the cub you receive or pairing in the main part of the event


The Journal for the event is Located Here