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Interested in having a more hands-on role in the group's development? Here's your chance!

Admin applications are always open! We keep track of applications here so that we can bring on new team members as the need arises. You are welcome to drop an application here any time, but please be aware that we have long down periods in between new admin rounds, so you may not receive a response immediately. As a courtesy, if you find you no longer have time to volunteer to the group, please hide your comment so that we know not to contact you. Thank you!

We'd like to bring some more team members on board in order to help fine tune our features, keep things running, and offer up fresh ideas! There's a few specific positions we're looking to fill, but you are not required to stick to the position you're applying for. Admins are free to offer their thoughts and help in any part of the group.

What's in it for me?

Admin positions are volunteer positions. However, we do have an "admin reward system" to work toward in-game items and custom ketucari as well as being able to sell custom rounds. However, unfair advantages such as increased breeding odds are off the table. If you are new to the admin experience, this will be a valuable learning opportunity that you could potentially apply to your own groups! Admins also have guaranteed off-time if desired, which can be found here: Staff and Holidays


We have a few requirements for admins that apply to any position.

• You must have Discord chat so that we can all communicate and brainstorm. You can download it here!

• We don't have an age requirement so long as you have a mature, reasonable attitude. Disagreements may happen, but we expect admins to be able to handle them with level heads and no hard feelings.

• Experience with games and how the systems work. We're not looking for gaming gurus or math wizards, but at least a basic idea of how run-of-the-mill game features (such as battles and crafting) work is a huge plus when it comes to admin selection.


If you're interested in joining the team, look over the positions below to see what you'd like to apply for. Then reply to this journal with this form filled out:

Position(s) of Interest: (you may opt to fill more than one position if you think you have time)

Discord Name/ID#:

Time Zone:

Have you adminned/are you currently adminning for another ARPG group?

Tell us about yourself! (how long have you been in the group, how much time do you think you can offer the group, anything else that may pertain to being an admin!)

Available Positions

Currently looking to fill positions for admins who will be cross-trained in several parts of the group!



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