The Marketplace

Here is where you can purchase various items in exchange for gold! 

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Buyback rates are as follows:
5g for a stack of 5 low tier items 
10g for a stack of 5 medium tier items
15g for a stack of 5 high tier items

Designs - Import Decor
Battle Scar
Cost: 25 G
Battle Scar (x10)
Cost: 230 G
Large Trinket
Cost: 50 G
Pet License
Cost: 25 G
Cost: 30 G
Tattoo Ink
Cost: 25 G
Cost: 25 G
Misc Marketplace
Binding Reagent
Cost: 35 G
Fateful Binding
Cost: 20 G
Cost: 1 G
Healing Potion
Cost: 5 G