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17 June 2021, 01:12:38 UTC (5 months ago)
8 September 2021, 01:14:40 UTC (2 months ago) by Anarchisme

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Creature You're Battling: Gorcwehr
1st Turn Skill/Potion: Shatter
2nd Turn Skill/Potion: Shatter
3rd Turn Skill/Potion: Blind
Permission to Revive: Yes

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Reward Amount
Black Juvenile Gorcwehr 1
Battle Scar 2
Large Carcass 1
Leather Scrap 3
Brittle Horn 5
Rose Heldyrite 5
Heavy Bone 1
White Heldyrite 5
Medium Chunk of Meat 3
Gold 20
Legacy Points 2



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Item Source Notes Quantity

Noirmori's Bank

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