KT-048: Flight

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  • Not up for trades
Name: Flight
Nicknames: Sometimes called Angel because of his looks.
ID: KT-048
Ownership: Acrylic-blood12@dA
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Character: {patient} {loving} {playful} He has the patience of  a saint, often winning fights simply because he can wait for his enemy to slip up.  He is more of a lover than a fighter though, prefering to cuddle then to argue.  He is wonderful with little ones because he loves to play silly games and simply enjoy life.
Pack: N/A

Attunement: N/A

Titles/Achievements: N/A

Backgrounds: N/A

Armor: 39/100
Strength: 17/500
Dexterity: 18/500
Cunning: 4/200
Perception: 1/200
Intellect: 1/200
Willpower: 14/200
Luck: 4/200

Equipment: None
Accessories: None
Companions: None

Sex: Male (Toa)
Gender/Pronouns: -
Genotype: Ee/Ss/Kk+C/nWb/nPn/nEmr/nV/nSv/nHd/nWt/wwh
Phenotype: Stone webbing pangare ember vent silvering hood washout
Build: Standard

Breedable? Yes
Lifetime Breedings: 7/10
Nobility: 0

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ST-018: Shachath
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ST-007: Vasanti
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Designed By: Acrylic-blood12@dA
Art By: N/A

Technical Details

15 July 2020, 18:09:04 UTC

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
No additional notes given.