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2022-09-06 02:13:27 (Edited 2022-09-06 02:13:30)

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Ahh ok, I am back-
Could I grab x1 legendary grab bag?
-Mythical feather wand
- Large Flip Coin
-Foundling Amulet
-Ambrosia ale
-Distress Beacon

2022-09-29 22:45:57

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Noirmori Staff Member

2 legendary grab bags (40 USD)
(-Mythical feather wand x2
-Sun disk, large flip coin
-Bracers of balance, foundling amulet
-Ambrosia ale, banshee confit
-Mythic simulator, distress beacon)

Geno makeover pack (25 USD)

2022-09-23 18:26:29

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ASimpleMoon Staff Member

Payment received! Items deposited in your hoard!

2022-09-23 23:23:51

Steampvnks Avatar

Okay, I'm back!
Could I grab the Legendary Prospecting pack (just the artifacts part)?
x2 Large Flips Coins
x1 Claw Sheath
x1 Scepter of Life

*Note, all these are actually going to be for Kitsu. So if you'd like to send it to them once paid, that's fine or if you'd rather send it to me and have me transfer, I am okay with that too. ^^

2022-09-23 03:14:56

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ASimpleMoon Staff Member

Payment received! Items deposited into Kitsu's hoard!!

2022-09-27 20:20:09

IIIXKitsuneXIII Avatar
IIIXKitsuneXIII Staff Member

Could I grab Two Geno Makover kits?

2022-09-23 01:49:17

pawstepsinthesnow Avatar
pawstepsinthesnow Staff Member

I'd like to grab
-Legendary Alchemy Pack
-Legendary Armor Items Pack
- Legendary Engineering Pack
- Legendary Cooking Pack
-Past Event Pet (Aqua Serpent, Muddy Serpent)
should be $126 total? plz discord me for my email for invoicing

2022-09-14 17:49:57