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Steampvnks Avatar

Would like to grab a Legendary Grab Bag!
-Mythical Feather Wand
-Distress Beacon
-Ambrosia Ale
-Foundling Amulet
-Ancestor's Blessing

2023-04-09 15:54:14

ASimpleMoon Avatar
ASimpleMoon Staff Member

Hello thank you for your interest if I could please have your paypal email in order to send an invoice either here or via dm is fine! Your pruchases will be sent in one invoice!

2023-04-11 01:33:28

Steampvnks Avatar

Absolutely! (if possible and not too much of a bother), could each one be sent in two separate invoices? //I'm paying with two different cards and it always gives me issues splitting the payment |'D

2023-04-11 16:43:52

ASimpleMoon Avatar
ASimpleMoon Staff Member

Of course! Invoice sent!

2023-04-11 20:44:02

Steampvnks Avatar

Thank you! Payment sent for this ome as well <3

2023-04-12 19:04:42