[Gift] Besties

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[Gift] Besties
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Merr Cribmas


I've had this one planned to some extent since the start of the event
I was gonna put them all in snow but then I had the idea of pride flowers so
Messus it became.


~there is a friend who is missing from this because they're a good personal friend of mine and Sian's in particular and also they lack a ketsona but otherwise hi these are my core friend group~

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Anarchie Avatar
Anarchie Staff Member

aaaaaaaa heck this is so nice ;o;

2023-01-01 08:38:35

ASimpleMoon Avatar
ASimpleMoon Staff Member

Hhhh! <3

2023-01-01 07:36:13

pawstepsinthesnow Avatar
pawstepsinthesnow Staff Member


2023-01-01 06:28:11

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